From the daily archives: Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Each week Terry Casey gets quoted in the papers and appears on local political talk shows promoting John Kasich and GOP policies without disclosing that he works for John Kasich as a Kasich-appointed state board member, or that he is paid tens of thousands of dollars each year by Ohio Republican organizations.  Can we get some disclosure here, people?

Just today, 10TV quoted Casey attacking Ed FitzGerald.  And this past weekend, Casey was a guest on the local political show the Spectrum on NBC 4 defending Mike DeWine’s handling of the shooting case in Beavercreak.  In both cases Casey was simply identified […]

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In the course of Wednesday’s press conference held at Ohio Democratic Party headquarters in downtown Columbus, party Chairman Rep. Chris Redfern didn’t mince words about what he said has been an evolving story of what Gov. Kasich and top echelon members of his staff knew about Ben Suarez, a wealthy Republican benefactor whose quid-pro-quo “pay to play” relationship with Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel and Gov. Kasich emerged during a trial about political favors asked for by the Canton businessman and subsequently delivered by Mandel and Kasich.

Stern-faced and speaking in a slow deliberate manner, Mr. Redfern repeatedly […]

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This is what happens, America, when one of our two viable political parties makes its raison d’être the abject vandalism of our self-government. This is what happens when the conversation starts at crazy, zooms through madness, and comes screeching in at full-on, batshit insane. This is the game where facts don’t matter, and consequences be damned.

“Cancer survivors, their relatives, physicians and supporters will fan across Capitol Hill today to urge Congress to do something it has no intention of doing right now: Providing substantially more money for cancer research, including clinical trials of promising drugs and treatments,” reports Stephen Koff, Washington bureau chief for the […]

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This past July, Mike DeWine’s campaign tried to win the Ohio FOP endorsement by distributing fliers at the FOP state convention.  Their plan: distract FOP delegates away from DeWine’s support of SB5 by attacking DeWine’s opponent David Pepper.  The fliers used images of actors portraying police officers; images obtained through online clip art provider iStock.

FOP delegates were not impressed.  And some, I assume, were rightfully offended by DeWine’s use of images of actors dressed up as police officers on campaign literature aimed at law enforcement professionals.

DeWine’s opponent David Pepper received the endorsement with over two thirds of the vote.

Sadly, it seems DeWine did […]

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