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The Era Of Right-Wing NoBamans

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As we’re sure you’re aware of by now, the White House is in the merciless throes of the NoBama plague that has had everyone on edge. For six years, the president has faced assaults from the NoBama GOP that will feverishly grow for another couple of years. Even the party’s newly minted African-American Democrat-turned-Republican , Ben Carson, a doctor from South Carolina of all places, has added to his conservative star power by accusing Obama of presiding over worsening race relations,which takes a lot of white guys off the hook, right?

Keep an eye on him. He’s an author, essayist […]

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The Bible warns against worshiping false gods, but that hasn’t stopped the capital city newspaper’s chapter of the I-love-John-Kasich-fan-club from repeating the now debunked history that, but for then Congressman John Kasich, there would not have been a balanced budget during the presidency of one William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States who won two terms in the White House that included consecutive wins in Ohio in 1992 and 1996.

But that was exactly the all-too revealing idol worship that popped up in print again in last Sunday’s edition of one of Ohio’s largest newspapers. Ever ready to […]

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My unimpeachable Republican underground source at the next table at Wendy’s discreetly told me of a new GOP scheme to shatter President Obama’s “royalty” before millions of American TV viewers. “They’re calling it the gold standard of character destruction,” he said as he washed down a cheekful of cheeseburger as well as every other syllable.

It would happen at Obama’s State of the Union Address in January. Here is the plan:

Seated behind him with tall pointed hats, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, both stone faced, will link their cones with a wire that suspends the U.S. Constitution.

All of […]

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PoliticalPuzzle is unique for Ohio and maybe the nation. It has been called a quiz masquerading as a crossword puzzle, and in its own way is a micro-version of Jeopardy!. Take the PoliticalPuzzle challenge to instantly boost your Ohio political IQ. Impress your friends, amaze your neighbors, stun strangers with your insider knowledge of Ohio’s political landscape and the politicos who live in it.

Send us your answers and we’ll award the first five readers who get them all correct with some Plunderbund swag.

Come back next week to see the solution page.


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Over the weekend, for the second time this year, Ohio law enforcement officers shot and killed a black person carrying an air gun.

In the first case, in Beavercreek, John Crawford III, 22, was shot by police in August while carrying around an air rifle sold at the Walmart store he was in. No officers were indicted. In the second case, in Cleveland on Saturday, police shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir E. Rice who was carrying an airsoft replica handgun at a playground.

A 12-year-old… playing with a toy gun… at a playground.

Both killings came in […]

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The 2014 mid-term elections have made allies of opposing political players, with both calling on the Ohio General Assembly to make redistricting reform a top priority.

In a joint statement released Tuesday, Opportunity Ohio CEO Matt Mayer and ProgressOhio Executive Director Sandy Theis agree that the always thorny and usually hyper-partisan subject of drawing legislative district maps is broken and needs fixing to be fair to voters.

“With voter turnout at record low levels, it is clear the dark art of drawing Ohio’s legislative maps in partisan self-interest is turning off voters, and we urge lawmakers to adopt meaningful redistricting […]

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When Republican governors like Ohio’s John R. Kasich find themselves in the spotlight of presidential politics, the light shining on them often illuminates more than just them. In the case of the just released audit report by the Office of Inspector General, Department of Homeland Security on how well Ohio under the Kasich Administration has been complying with federal reporting requirements for DHS grants, what was revealed is the Buckeye State has many shortcoming to resolve, among them a disregard for federal law, and maybe $3.6 million that could be returned to Washington.

The Department of Homeland Security provides […]

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Dear John:

Permit me to interrupt your howling at President Obama for his action on immigration reform. Your darkest views on releasing millions of illegal immigrants from the bondage of practiced anonymity have reached into my own ancestry. And as the President reminded us, they didn’t all cross borders but came by planes and ships, too.

Mine came on ships from the Mediterranean (that’s the enormous freshwater sea, John, that provided some of the routes for the tidal waves of immigrants seeking a better life on our shores – although many were deceived by the cynical transporters and debarked instead […]

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Any reporter who’s attended one of John Kasich’s patented political Sermon on the Mount pressers knows it doesn’t take long for the go-go state CEO to invoke the Lord in some form or fashion. It’s basic Kasich, bring God into the conversation to secure the unassailable high, heavenly ground that no timid statehouse reporter would dare push back on.

Kasich has found that faith-based, dog-whistle rhetoric is his best bargain to parlay his limited compassion for the so-called “people living in the shadows” into his political compassion play. The phrase has been crafted over many years to show without offering any detail that […]

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A recent email response from one of Ohio’s State School Board members called the “5 of 8” rule “outdated” and stated that there are many other specialist positions that school must hire these days.  While it is true that there are many additional specialists that schools and districts need to employ these days than when the rule was created, the specialists that are mandated by this particular rule are uniformly critical to all children while other needs vary widely across the state.

In fact, I would make the case that the “5 of 8” rule is outdated because it does not require all of the key […]

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When outgoing Ohio Representative Gerald Stebelton introduced House Bill 661 to increase the annual salaries of Ohio’s elected officials, he missed a grand opportunity to put his money where his mouth is.  Stebelton has long decried the current standard pay scales that teachers typically follow, pushing a merit-based pay structure for school districts.  In his bill, however, Stebelton simply seeks to update the existing legislative pay structure for elected officials where everyone gets the exact same base pay regardless of their individual efforts.  It’s beyond hypocritical.

House Bill 661 isn’t likely all […]

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