From the daily archives: Sunday, November 2, 2014

In an 11th hour move to seal his hold on Kentucky celibates, a beleaguered Sen.  Mitch McConnell reportedly will announce on Monday that his first step if he is re-elected will be to declare a one-year moratorium on sexual intercourse in his state, except for horses and cows.

“I’m not a gynecologist,” McConnell says, “but there is no better way to reduce the scandalous number of abortions than to attack the problem at its source by eliminating sex altogether for at least a trial period.”

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Ohio’s gubernatorial elections typically turn out just under 50% of registered voters.  With approximately 8 million registered voters in the state, this means that we can expect around 4 million voters to hit the polls this year.

In 2010, when John Kasich beat out Ted Strickland, turnout was 49.22%, of which Kasich received 49.04% of the votes, just enough to win.  Kasich’s vote total in 2010 was only 1,889,186.

In Kasich’s first year, 2011, Senate Bill 5 was introduced in the General Assembly and Kasich said it “wasn’t his bill”, but he quickly turned around to own it and it quickly became […]

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John Kasich was the head pastor Saturday morning at a Republican political tent show that featured as his lead-in, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. One political pundit recently muffed Christie’s name, mistakenly calling him Chris “Crispy.” Appearing on the David Letterman Show last week, funny man Jim Carrey’s flub of the Garden State governor’s name probably even made some commonsense conservatives laugh.

Mr. Crispy and Mr. casual Fridays stood out from the crowd of other white men and women at Don Scott airport by wearing their special governor’s jackets.   For Kasich, that was a black zip jacket sporting […]

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Democrats in Ohio thirst for the chance to boot Treasurer Josh Mandel out of statewide office this coming Tuesday. In fact, the first name mentioned out of Ohio Democratic Party canvassers knocking door-to-door is Mandel’s challenger, state Rep. Connie Pillich, of Montgomery.

Pillich has represented Ohio’s 28th House district since 2009, having before that obtained her law degree from the University of Cincinnati, served in the United States Air Force in Operation Desert Storm and again in Desert Shield, and practiced law as a partner in Webb & Pillich in Hamilton County. She has been a 26-year Hamilton County resident.


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