From the daily archives: Friday, November 21, 2014

News sources reported today that Ohio’s unemployment rate, which was 5.7 percent in July and August, dropped to 5.6 percent for September, “slightly better than the national rate” of 5.9 percent for September.  One headline, using monthly job statistics released by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, shouted, “Ohio’s unemployment rate fell to 5.3 percent for October.

Wow! Sounds like Gov. John Kasich is creating a lot of jobs!

While the numbers cited are accurate, they are also misleading. According to the Wall Street Journal, each state should really be judged by how well it is doing compared […]

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Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly have devised a great new way to tackle redistricting “reform” while crowing about bipartisanship and solving exactly nothing, at least not for anybody who cares about fair elections.

And Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is pushing hard to get it done by the end of the year.

With shades of Senate Bill 5’s “last best offer” provisions, one proposal being offered by House Speaker Pro Tempore Matt Huffman, R-Lima, is an “impasse resolution” that would allow four members of the majority party to draw the districts, then go to voters to ask […]

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Under the heading, 20 Republican wannabes to watch, POLITICO published its bulging preseason roster of possible GOP presidential candidates, largely rounding up the usual suspects. Several have been around long enough to have shrinking options for their brain throbs. (Santorum? Not again, for God’s and our sake.)

But you might find interesting POLITICO’S brief bios as will the Vegas crowd that will be laying odds while all but one of the 20 will be laying eggs.

In the middle of the list you’ll find Gov.Kasich, who seems to have fascinated the pundits by his crushing victory over an opponent […]

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