From the daily archives: Thursday, November 13, 2014

When America’s electorate finally awakens from its slumber, it may be surprised to discover what it left to the historically low turnout to decide for all of us.

No later than the fading hours of Election Day did the wingnuts in control of the Senate and House gather as though it was Walpurgis Night to whoop it up. With both chambers and the committee chairmen in their hands, there will be no limits to their misguided arrogance of power. What seemed painful before the polls opened is now confirmed to be an irreparable paralysis all the way to 2016.

The […]

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Ohio’s 25-percent governor, measured by the percentage of registered voters who actually voted for John Kasich last Tuesday, will no longer have to face electors. But he cannot escape facing undeniable statistics that show what a poor job creator he has been over the last four years.

Both the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services [ODJFS] and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS] released a weekly update to new claims for unemployment this morning in a timely fashion, according to George Zeller of Cleveland, a long-time trusted economic analyst.  The numbers again show the Buckeye State performing […]

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Today I sent this email to the members of the Ohio State Board of Education respectfully requesting that they refrain from eliminating the requirement that school districts have licensed professionals teaching the arts and physical education, better known as the “5 of 8” rule.  I urge all Ohioans to do the same (all email addresses conveniently listed at the bottom of the post).

Dear Members of the Ohio State Board of Education,

I am writing to urge you to reject the proposed change to eliminate the “5 of 8” Rule from Ohio Administrative Code and retain the existing language which states:

“A […]

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