From the daily archives: Monday, November 10, 2014

The language arts may not command strict reverence among ordinary folk using colloquial American dialect, and that’s OK, but when our elected representatives fail to grasp the meaning of the word “entitlement,” the rights of those so legitimately entitled become beset by a slow-acting poison.

With Republicans now controlling both chambers of U.S. Congress, and a president obsessed with bipartisanship clearing his throat about “entitlement reform,” the poison is reaching late stage cerebral edema.

Little things like the right to a dignified retirement, health care in old age, and the commonwealth’s social safety net, get placed by self-anointed “prime movers” under the […]

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Social media blew up this weekend over proposed changes to Ohio’s Operating Standards by the State Board of Education.  The major issue is a change that seems to eliminate a requirement for districts to have specialists to teach the arts and physical education.

As always, we’re interested in providing more information to our readers about stories, so we want to provide you with the full story and let you decide what’s really happening.

First, the State School Board is performing a normal review of the education-related sections of the Ohio Administrative Code.  Legislation is enacted by the Ohio General Assembly, published […]

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The Plain Dealer finally took an official but less than persuasive step toward explaining why it pulled a video of the gubernatorial candidates’ group meeting with the editorial board of the Plain Dealer and the Northeast Ohio Media Group.(NEOMG)

In a long and painful la nostra culpa on Friday, Ted Diadiun, NEOMG’s reader representative, courageously led the reader along a bumpy path to the cut-and run decision that lay squarely in the hands of Chris Quinn, NEOMG’s vice president of content. But soon after the video’s brief appearance on, Quinn turned to damage control as the shameful inexplicable maneuver […]

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