From the daily archives: Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ohio Republicans are effusively claiming success in several ways following last week’s election. Among their achievements, they say, is the low turnout by voters. A source in Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office, which strongly supported restrictions on voting rights; said: “I’m not a mathematician, but with fewer voters casting ballots, the better the chance to reduce the opportunities for voter fraud, which is something we’ve been trying to accomplish all along.”

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Senate Bill 329, introduced in April by Senator Joe Schiavoni, is finally getting a hearing by the Senate Education Committee this week.  The bill is striking in its simplicity — it seeks to hold charter school owners & operators accountable for how they spend public dollars.  The simplicity of this bill also reveals just how lax Ohio’s oversight of charter school spending has been for the last decade and a half.

Here’s the one-sentence addition to Ohio Revised Code in SB 329 that could have a drastic change in exposing how charter schools are spending public tax dollars:


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