From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Well, Ohio, there’s another fine mess brewing in Columbus. Republicans won big in spite of the precipitous drop-off of voters this Nov. 4, which produced one of the lowest turnout of voters in the Buckeye State and across the nation since the late 1940s. GOP candidates, from governor on down, including the House and Senate, won big and can now do anything they want without fear of any Democrat doing anything to stop them. In a word, Ohio Republicans are bulletproof.

In most lame duck sessions of the General Assembly, bad bills can appear without warning as lawmakers use this […]

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Rarely do I come across a statistic about education that stops me in my tracks, but it happened to me first thing this morning.  The Columbus City School District puts out a “Fact of the Day” each morning and today’s especially caught my eye.


Think about that for a second.  4,500 children and youth experiencing homelessness in Columbus.  Even considering that Columbus is the largest school district in Ohio, that number is still staggering.  The concept of that number becomes even more interesting when we put it in perspective across the entire state.

Ohio has a […]

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