From the daily archives: Monday, November 24, 2014

Dear John:

Permit me to interrupt your howling at President Obama for his action on immigration reform. Your darkest views on releasing millions of illegal immigrants from the bondage of practiced anonymity have reached into my own ancestry. And as the President reminded us, they didn’t all cross borders but came by planes and ships, too.

Mine came on ships from the Mediterranean (that’s the enormous freshwater sea, John, that provided some of the routes for the tidal waves of immigrants seeking a better life on our shores – although many were deceived by the cynical transporters and debarked instead […]

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Any reporter who’s attended one of John Kasich’s patented political Sermon on the Mount pressers knows it doesn’t take long for the go-go state CEO to invoke the Lord in some form or fashion. It’s basic Kasich, bring God into the conversation to secure the unassailable high, heavenly ground that no timid statehouse reporter would dare push back on.

Kasich has found that faith-based, dog-whistle rhetoric is his best bargain to parlay his limited compassion for the so-called “people living in the shadows” into his political compassion play. The phrase has been crafted over many years to show without offering any detail that […]

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