As we’re sure you’re aware of by now, the White House is in the merciless throes of the NoBama plague that has had everyone on edge. For six years, the president has faced assaults from the NoBama GOP that will feverishly grow for another couple of years. Even the party’s newly minted African-American Democrat-turned-Republican , Ben Carson, a doctor from South Carolina of all places, has added to his conservative star power by accusing Obama of presiding over worsening race relations,which takes a lot of white guys off the hook, right?

Keep an eye on him. He’s an author, essayist and opponent of Obamacare who figures to get royal treatment by his party. There’s already a “Run, Ben, Run” national presidential draft movement under way .

But if you’ve been too busy to notice the rise of the NoBama phenomenon, the right-wing pundits will hammer it into your consciousness. Up in Cleveland, for example, a VIP Plain Dealer editor/columnist showers NoBama thunderbolts from his aerie high atop the Ivory Tower.

Oddly enough, NoBama Kevin O’Brien’s column this week led the reader over a path of direct orders to the NoBamans in Congress to stonewall the president’s proposed appointments unless he cancels his immigration plans (as if this crowd hasn’t thought of it already!). He wanted to punish Obama for “posterity”. I’m sure he knows his own choir well.

But wait, he is only warming up, and what comes next is an astonishing leap of logic from a guy who is offended by a president trying to execute immigration reforms that have long been stalled in the Republican Tea Party House. For this disconnect, he singles out Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, Democarat from Northeastern Ohio, archly accusing her of being “irresponsible” for saying that Ferguson was a “miscarriage of justice”.

From his perch, he didn’t know how Fudge could possibly reach that conclusion from her district 500 miles from Ferguson.

But since we’re only talking about distance here and not of the right or wrong of the grand jury decision, I suspect your draconian dictates to Congress have little force inasmuch as you live 363 driving miles from Washington. So I am a tad impressed by such Palin-like powers that enable you to see Capitol Hill from your front porch.