From the daily archives: Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ohio’s long-term corrupt and goofy congressman, John Boehner, now third in line to be president should President Barack Obama then Vice President Joe Biden suddenly be raptured, will be campaigning this last weekend before Election Day for the entire slate of hard-right uncompassionate Republicans.

John Boehner, son of a Cincinnati bar owner, was caught in 1996 handing out checks on the House floor from Big Tobacco to GOP congressman—maybe even to John Kasich when he served with the orange man from West Chester County just north of Cincinnati. “Mine asked me to give out a half dozen checks quickly before […]

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We all remember how much John Kasich supported Senate Bill 5 back in 2011, even sending his chief of staff, Beth Hansen, to lead the campaign to keep SB5 as state law as it became Issue 2 on the state ballot.  Tuesday is the day that Ohio voters get to send Kasich the message that “We Remember”.

Kasich is an easy target, but we don’t want to forget those other legislators who supported Senate Bill 5 back in 2011.  While some have moved on to other jobs, there are 28 other SB5 supporters who are in a […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich stiffed-armed everyone this year by refusing to debate any of his challengers for governor. His campaign’s initial flimsy excuse was that Ed FitzGerald’s campaign imploded.  But later the cowardly Kasich defended his decision by declaring that everyone knows where he stands on various issues, because he spends lots of time at carefully constructed GOP-friendly events built to showcase the master in his traveling Evangelical tent show.

John Kasich once thought he was ready for prime time on the national scene in 2000 until his launch for POTUS crashed and burned. Now he and his disciples boost the buzz […]

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For years, I looked up to Columbus TV reporter Carol Luper. She was tough, smart, fearless and a refreshing change from the twinkies too common among women broadcast journalists.  Her 40-year TV career ended last year but she recently re-emerged to do a political ad for court of appeals judge Betsy Luper Schuster – her daughter – and she makes the case that Betsy learned the value of impartiality, in part, by growing up with a mom who made a living calling them as she saw them.

As they say in the news business, there are at least two sides […]

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