From the daily archives: Saturday, November 22, 2014

When outgoing Ohio Representative Gerald Stebelton introduced House Bill 661 to increase the annual salaries of Ohio’s elected officials, he missed a grand opportunity to put his money where his mouth is.  Stebelton has long decried the current standard pay scales that teachers typically follow, pushing a merit-based pay structure for school districts.  In his bill, however, Stebelton simply seeks to update the existing legislative pay structure for elected officials where everyone gets the exact same base pay regardless of their individual efforts.  It’s beyond hypocritical.

House Bill 661 isn’t likely all […]

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It’s only been two weeks since John Kasich won a resounding victory in what was the poorest voter turnout election since the 1940s.  But two Ohio newspapers, who dragged their journalism credentials through the mud this year by pummeling Kasich’s Democratic opponent to an early death, are again basking in the aurora of the wannabe president as he practices the high art of political engagement that he has crafted over decades.  Not answering questions, ignoring opponents and the public,  and feigning dis-interest in a race everyone knows he’s very interested in, were some of his winning ways. They will now be reborn with […]

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