From the daily archives: Saturday, October 4, 2014

On Wednesday, September 24, a three-judge panel of the Federal 6th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a request from Ohio’s Secretary of State, Jon Husted, to delay a lower court ruling restoring “Golden Week” (when one can register and vote the same day) and cut days for early voting. Once more the federal judiciary was the only force keeping Ohio from becoming North Carolina-North.

As usual, Husted, along with Mike Dewine’s Attorney General’s office were once more appealing a loss in federal court. It is an experience both have had to the point where it is nearly a foregone conclusion. Husted has spent so […]

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Democrats and independents can elect Connie Pillich as state treasurer, it’s simple. All they have to do is vote. That’s it. This bright, honest, dedicated professional, who has seen the good, bad an ugly of state government from a front row seat in the legislature, can be the smart alternative to a Republican who won his powerful jobs four years ago when Tea Party rage was in vogue.

The good news from Friday’s campaign finance reports is that lots of other sane but frustrated people are putting their money where they want their futures to be—and that’s on Connie […]

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Central Ohio news stations reported last night that fliers were being distributed in Reynoldsburg neighborhoods “outing” individuals who are crossing the picket lines.  The fliers also “cross the line” according to residents who were interviewed.  Here’s a look at one of the fliers from Reynoldsburg yesterday:

These fliers make it look like the teachers union has gone too far by harassing people at their personal residences.  And we have to agree in this case that these fliers DO go too far.  But it’s not the teachers who have gone too far in this case, it’s the School […]

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