From the daily archives: Friday, October 3, 2014

At a gathering of educators, community members, and supporters of the Reynoldsburg Education Association members, a parent was one of the first speakers.  Not a teacher, not a union leader, not a government official, but a parent and community member.  Parent Debbie Dunlap has been actively involved in the effort to bring an end to the contract impasse and has made it clear where her heart is – with the teachers who are striving to improve the teaching and learning conditions.  Dunlap has spent countless hours over the last few weeks trying to educate and inform her fellow parents […]

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Americans talk a good game about voting, so much so that our soldiers are regularly sent off to fight and die in foreign lands so people who’ve never had democracy can use it once and then throw it away.  But maybe Americans really don’t understand voting. If they did, not only would we turnout in presidential election years at far higher rates than we do, but Midterm elections, like the one this year, wouldn’t turn into a civics gone bad as more Americans who are eligible to vote don’t.

Republicans, of course, are the ones who regularly and confidently want to tackle every […]

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If Kasich wins reelection this fall—as the papers and pundit class incessantly prognosticate —will voters have seen something new in a political leader, or will it be more of the Republican policies that have flopped with national voters two presidential election cycles in a row?

In 2012, the man from Michigan, Mitt Romney, venture capitalist mogul and son of former Michigan Governor George Romney, eventually won the GOP’s endorsement and attempted to limit President Obama to one term. When Romney finally showed up in Ohio, the biggest battleground state of them all, Gov. Kasich was at best lukewarm in his support for the richest man […]

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