Each answer on Kasich's voter survey says the same thing: Candidate did not respond

Each answer on Kasich’s voter survey says the same thing: Candidate did not respond

The Northeast Ohio Media Group and the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland put together a voter survey this year, sending questionnaires to each campaign and posting the responses for each race on their website.   The candidate questionnaires for Ohio Governor covered topics including taxes, same-sex marriage, gun laws, right-to-work and job growth.   The FitzGerald campaign used the opportunity to share Ed’s views with the voters.  The Kasich campaign refused to answer the questionnaire.

For example, when candidates were asked if Ohio should “become a right-to-work state,” FitzGerald answered “Absolutely not.”  “Kasich’s signature “right to work” legislation, SB 5, would have cost Ohio over 30,000 jobs, and reduced wages and safe working conditions for our police, firefighters and teachers,” wrote FitzGerald.  “With nearly half of Ohioans already living pay check to pay check, we should not be reducing family-sustaining jobs any further.”

John Kasich’s response?  “Candidate did not respond.”

Despite the fact that Kasich answered exactly zero of NEO Media Group’s questions on the candidate questionnaire, they still endorsed the current governor.

Despite the fact that Kasich spent the entire PD/NEO Media Group editorial interview childishly ignoring questions from the other candidates and from the paper’s staff, they still endorsed him.  And then they proceeded to delete the video evidence of Kasich’s disrespectful performance and threatened to sue us for posting a clip of it online.

Clearly FitzGerald did a better job answering the questions on the questionnaire… because he actually answered the questions on the questionnaire!

FitzGerald was also upfront and honest in the interview, while Kasich sat back, looked annoyed and agitated, played with his chair, strangely shook random body parts at inappropriate times, and general did the very least he could do to get the pesky news people to stop asking him questions as soon as possible.

Which begs the question: why did NEO Media Group even bother with the charade of interviews and questionnaires?