Republican strategists reportedly are ecstatic over their new fail-safe response to critics of the party’s climate-change deniers. Their candidates have now resorted to “I’m not a scientist” to shrug off questions about their dismissal of environmental issues.

We can now look for the same pattern of self-denials on other issues as their gang backs away from such delicate matters as ebola. Chris Christie, who is coming to Ohio to campaign for his buddy John Kasich as the comic relief, is already dodging a flap over quarantining ebola victims. “I’m not a doctor,” he booms. Atty Gen Mike DeWine might choose “I’m not a gynecologist” to reject his pro-life defense.

Any day now, we expect Secretary of State Jon Husted to defend his voting restrictions that effectively reduce the number of minority voters with “I’m not a mathematician.”

Neither is the governor, despite his Wall Street references to “metrics” to define his positions. But you can bet that he is already counting the days until he can leap into the national presidential wars.

Do you think the seeds were planted when Richard Nixon faced the TV cameras and pleaded, “I am not a crook”?