Yesterday the Cleveland Plain Dealer/Northeast Ohio Media Group removed a video they had previously published online. The video showed the paper’s 40+ minute joint editorial board interview with Kasich, FitzGerald and Green Party Candidate Anita Rios. In the video, we got to see FitzGerald fired-up and on message while Kasich slumped in his chair, refused to acknowledge the other candidates and ignored repeated attempts by PD staff to answer even basic questions about his policies and programs.

We felt the video was important and so, after they removed it, we posted a short clip of it online. Today we received an email from the PD/NEO Media Group threatening to sue us if we did not take down the video.  In the letter, Chris Quinn, Vice President of Content, claims we “illegally copied” the video – which they had posted publicly online before abruptly removing it.

We believe the Plain Dealer and NEO Media Group, the PD’s non-union, online counterpart, have an obligation to the voters of Ohio to share the entire video interview, especially since they still chose to endorse John Kasich after his disrespectful performance during the interview.    We implore them to restore the video.

We believe our posting of the video falls under the category of fair use, however we have temporarily removed the video while we discuss our options.

Here’s the letter we received this morning from Mr. Quinn.

You have posted on your web site our copyrighted video of an endorsement interview in the Ohio governor’s race. You have not asked for, and we have not granted, the rights to use our property, which was illegally copied from our website.

We insist you delete the material immediately. We have registered the copyright, which means your illegal use of it entitles us to statutory damages, which can be quite steep, and recovery of all fees we pay our attorneys as we compel you to adhere to the copyright law.

We protect our copyrighted material with great vigor. You have posted it illegally. We expect immediate action in removing the video from your site.


Chris Quinn
Vice President of Content
Northeast Ohio Media Group

  • Think.

    John Kasich and his team are BULLIES. Remember that when you vote…

  • Why are they so concerned about people viewing the video?

  • Because sunlight is the best disinfectant

  • dmoore2222

    Now let me see, the subject matter of this video is candidates for PUBLIC office speaking to (or not as it turns out) issues that affect the PUBLIC in advance of a PUBLIC election for governor. Can copyright protect that? Too bad. There’s probably a kazillion copies of it made by now.

  • dmoore2222

    Seeing the behavior of a 3 year old.

  • disqus_HpPpRf2Yl1
  • If this isn’t Fair Use, I’m not sure that anything is.

  • dman

    Since so many GOPers stuck their foot in their mouth a year ago the GOP plan is for GOP candidates to say as little as possible?

    And the worst part is the people will vote for them without knowing what they are planning on doing. But then again Kasich never said he would try to do SB5 when he was talking 4 years ago.

  • jamesrenner

    You have the tip of the iceberg here. I have been warning NE Ohio about Quinn’s tactics for years. Do not give in.

  • Clearly Team John threatened to cut off access to PD reporters in the closing weeks and the paper caved. Not a good look.

  • Why you guys went “how high” when the PD went “boo JUMP” is really beyond me.

  • Hang in there, Tim. We’re not done yet.

  • Paula Garfield were threatened with being sued because you posted a video of 2 Candidates that are running for a public office. The Plain Dealer endorsed Kasich… ..Why did they remove it in the 1st place? Shed the Governor in a bad light? Exposed him for what he really is? His stance on the issues? Video doesnt lie…Keep fighting…

  • Paula Garfield

    Yes it is..I just checked..the 1:40 audio

  • Paula Garfield

    The election is coming up.hope u post quickly

  • stryx

    Seems like Vice President of Content isn’t the same job as Lawyer. Otherwise someone would know that “protect our copyrighted material with great vigor” isn’t the same thing as being right.

    Also, it should have been “protect our copyrighted material with great vigor and manly firmness” for the full Constitutional.

    NEO Media Group is afraid of a politician. That’s so lame.

  • becca

    I think Fitzgerald has a link to the interview on YouTube…

  • wetsu

    Agreed. He would not have relented to this if his lead were as safe as polls are attempting to project.

  • DrSheldonCooper

    You used copyrighted material without permission, got slapped for doing so, and are now complaining about getting slapped. Grow up…

  • Peg

    Wrong. This is 100% Fair use. They showed about 10% of the entire video. There is not even a prima facie case of infringement here and it wasn’t necessary to remove it at all.
    1. This is newsworthy.
    2.This is educational, they are not selling it/making a profit of it.
    3. This is a public figure.
    4. There is no “market damage” to PD sustained by showing it.
    5. It’s brief and used for criticism/news report.
    They are completely covered by fair use and if you are against fair use, then you need to get off the internet because it literally runs on fair use. Every search engine, YouTube, Rotten Tomatoes, Wikipedia and any other online news site, blog all use fair use millions of times a day. The law is very clear on this.

  • Bob Unkle

    Cleveland Plain Bullshit.

  • CherMoe

    WOW. So the Republicans REALLY have the media in their pockets and will SUE anybody who strives to EXPOSE THEIR CORRUPTION.

  • CherMoe

    The public has the right to know. The video was done for a reason, but retracted because it shed the governor in a bad light in all his nakedness. This guy is, without a doubt, the most SECRETIVE governor (and probably most corrupt) this state has ever had. And they haven’t even begun to unearth what he’s had his fingers into. Only after he’s gone, will we be able to sift through his B.S. and expose ALL the truth. Until then, the corporate shills will continue to shield the crybaby who thinks he’s going to coast to victory on his silence and his “lies by omission.”

  • Retrofuturistic

    Can somebody out there who has this video please send it to Rachael Maddow?

  • artmofo

    Ms. Virginia Wang, general manager
    Mr. Thomas Fladung, managing editor
    Chris Quinn, vice-president of content, Northeast Ohio Media Group
    The Cleveland Plain Dealer/
    4800 Tiedeman Road
    Brooklyn OH, 44144

    Dear Ms. Wang and Messrs. Fladung & Quinn,

    Everybody knows The Plain Dealer is the best newspaper in Ohio that delivers three days per week, and has the best website, too. I want to add to your reputation and tell you how proud I am of your organization for its recent efforts to protect our lovely and earnest governor, John Kasich, from the embarrassment over his performance before the newspaper’s editorial board. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking down that horrible online video down!

    All of us have bad days every so often. I had one recently when Python, my 70-year-old parrot, choked to death on a furball from my 15-year-old cat, Coyote. That left me despondent for at least two days.

    Kasich obviously was having a bad day in your offices. He slouched, he didn’t wear a tie, he stumbled on the few occasions he made an effort to answer questions from the editorial board. Worst of all, he awkwardly tried to pretend the other candidates weren’t even in the room. It’s apparent that he got out of the wrong side of his bed that morning. Or maybe he mistakenly swallowed LSD or something.

    Anyway, we rock-ribbed Republicans here in Wood County were VERY worried about the effect that performance would have on Kasich’s election chances. And that is why we were so pleased the pulled it down. That took real courage, in the face of an onslaught by stupid, yellow-livered liberals who thought you should leave it up. Perish the thought that it might affect undecided voters late in the election cycle.

    That is not the role of a news organization, and you certainly seem hip to that.

    We were also heartened by your demand that the despicable blog Plunderbund remove the video and your threat to sue them if they did not. Frankly, we like it when media sue other media. That means they’re wasting their money on something other than relevant news, which we Republicans abhor.

    So thank you again, and keep up the good work!

    If I may be so bold I would like to suggest that you further try to game the election by reprinting all the stories about the Fitzgerald driver’s license scandal in the runup to Nov. 4. That should put the final nail in that dunderhead’s electoral coffin!


    Art Mofodopoulis
    Bowling Green, OH

    P.S. to Ms. Wang: Are you any relation to Vera?

  • stryx

    NEO Media Group: this is an example of the Streisand Effect.

    If you had reported what you saw, not what you wanted to see, none of this would have happened.

  • grizzlyinohio

    This is a great thing you have done, Plunderbund. Thanks! If only our MSM were willing to expose Kasich’s idiocy and cowardice so clearly.

  • Steven Hiner

    Please email it to everyone you possibly can. Once on the Internet, it won’t go away!

  • stryx
  • Vi Bird

    Just like Chris Christie in NJ!!

  • Vi Bird

    What are they spending all those millions of $$$ on if they don’t want it to be shared?? It makes no sense, at all!!

  • Cpt Morgan

    Looks like it’s up again. Search Youtube for “Kasich, FitzGerald debate 2014 Streisand Effect “

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