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Living in a state whose governor keeps ratcheting down food stamps, I confess to sticking an asterisk  on every report of John  Kasich’s feel-good outreach to the needy.  Reference:  The Toledo Blade’s report on his Photo Op pop-up Thanksgiving appearance in Willard, Oh.  after a train derailment forced the residents of 400 homes to leave because of the danger of escaping chemicals.

The governor  turned up at the Willard High School cafeteria  where the evacuees were served  a good dinner as he assured them that their difficulties were very much on his mind.

It was the political thing to do […]

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A number of election bills, including one that would reduce early voting hours, have passed or are in process at the Ohio Statehouse. While not every bill is bad, the goal appears to be to shave off a few votes here and there to impact the outcome of statewide elections. The party in power is going for a victory of a hundred cuts rather than a single blow to the head as in last session’s failed HB 194. With the districts gerrymandered for predictable outcomes for nearly a decade, the attention shifts to rigging the voters for predictable statewide election […]

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Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters hates fraudulent voters. Dozens of Cincinnatians have been investigated, 6 have been charged, and one has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. A progressive blogger was investigated during the mayoral election.

The investigations have been disproportionately African-American, and have not included 30 police officers who may have voted in the wrong jurisdiction.

Who else hasn’t been part of the witch hunt? Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, who totally committed voter fraud in the 2012 general election.

Deters was going through a divorce in 2012, and according to the documents filed by his […]

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is a master at getting positive news coverage for doing his job.  Among the best, consistent coverage centers on his efforts to rid the state of illegal slot machines used first in internet cafes, then in veteran and fraternal halls.

Well, looks like Ohio’s top cop is suddenly backing away . What’s changed?

Former Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett, a consultant to the company that makes that machines, has been urging legislators to help his client. Bennett has scheduled a Dec. 16th high-dollar fundraiser for DeWine at his home. A $500 donation will get […]

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Gov. Kasich, who has his mind and career set on being a Republican original, headed into the GOP heartland of Western Ohio again this week to sign a resolution calling for a federal balanced budget. It was in Lima, marking the spot of Kasich’s  “makeshift capital” for his earlier state-of-the-state speech.

He was joined by a platoon of his party’s leaders in the Ohio General Assembly.  According to the event’s chroniclers,  the sub-historic document (unless it was a first for Lima) will be sent to President Obama  and Congress.  In so doing,  he proved me wrong.  I had expected him to do […]

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Stinging wind and cold rain ripped through Dealey Plaza last week in stark contrast to the sun-soaked warmth of that fateful Friday 50 years earlier when the president was murdered on Elm Street.

In third grade I developed a passion for presidential history, memorizing every name, in order, of those often funny-looking men whose pictures stretched across the bottom of the classroom chalkboard.

The picture of John Fitzgerald Kennedy stood out among them in my young mind, not only as the first color photograph in the series but also from the knowledge of his untimely demise and the fact that the incident […]

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Now that Sen. John Cornyn has described the Iranian nuclear deal as President Obama’s slickly conceived cover for Obamacare’s start-up web page problems, it sets the stage for a new round of options that expose what the Texas Republican calls a crafty “distraction”.

Health care reform equals potential nuclear annihilation for political style points? You can understand how members of the GOP counter-culture on Capitol Hill will leap to other options to vent their frustration in their 8-year plan to destroy Obama long after he returns to private life. I think these White Guys do not sleep well in their […]

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Dennis Spisak , 2010 Green Party candidate for Governor of Ohio, has “unofficially” announced that he will be seeking the Green Party nomination for Governor in 2014. His running mate will be Suzanne Patzer, an Instructional Design Supervisor for Columbus State and a community advocate. “We need a Governor and Lt. Governor who will make Ohio greater and greener”, said Spisak.  “Suzanne Patzer and myself are in this race because there are progressive concerns that John Kasich has not addressed nor has offered  any progressive solutions to fix problems facing Ohio today. John Kasich has remained silent.” Spisak listed the following concerns about Kasich: John […]

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Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee law is in full swing this year and since we’ve had last year’s achievement test results, we thought it was a good time to look at the probable impact it will have at the end of this school year.  In addition to the statistics, some of the recent rhetoric surrounding the implementation of Common Core in Ohio has exposed the hypocrisy of Ohio’s Republican-adopted Third Grade Reading Guarantee law.

Let’s start with the hypocrisy around the law (we’ll discuss the statistics in a later post).  When the latest version of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee […]

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With the holiday season and all upon us, Rep. Darrell Issa has taken off to Deck the Halls in several red states with hearings reveling in heavily spiked Obamanog. As the chairman of House Oversight and Governmental Reform Committee, he has loaded up the sleigh for grandstand appearances in North Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Arizona.

Carefully selected for his road show, the audiences will doubtless be quite friendly as he rips President Obama and the Affordable Care Act without calling a single witness from the other side. With Issa’s tactics, matters must be settle by acclimation.

The hearings will be […]

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The State Auditor’s Office released much-anticipated audit reports for JobsOhio and for Ohio’s Development Services Agency yesterday.   We already discussed the conflict of interest issues uncovered in the first report.   Today I’d like to discuss the over one million dollars in undocumented spending uncovered by the audits.  And then briefly wonder out loud why Auditor Yost has no interest in asking where all of that money went.

First up: JobsOhio employees and their corporate credit cards.

The JobsOhio audit found that JobsOhio employees were issued business charge cards for personal expenses and, in a large number of […]

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