Living in a state whose governor keeps ratcheting down food stamps, I confess to sticking an asterisk  on every report of John  Kasich’s feel-good outreach to the needy.  Reference:  The Toledo Blade’s report on his Photo Op pop-up Thanksgiving appearance in Willard, Oh.  after a train derailment forced the residents of 400 homes to leave because of the danger of escaping chemicals.

The governor  turned up at the Willard High School cafeteria  where the evacuees were served  a good dinner as he assured them that their difficulties were very much on his mind.

It was the political thing to do on this holiday, even more timely than ex-President’s Bush’s diffident  post-Katrina visit four days after the hurricane hit. Bush did manage to salvage his image in the history books by praising FEMA director Mike Brown with the unforgettable quote: “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job”.

So, yes, the governor is on the move,  checking every opportunity to rev up his re-election campaign. . By summer he’ll be talking to the cows at the State Fair revealing his  delight in the quality of the hotdogs.  For now, food stamps or not,  fa-la-la-la-la!
Meantime, the governor has been rumoring  aloud that Obamacare is really Hillarycare, thus hinting a new tack in his suspected path to the Republican nomination nearly 3 years from now since Obama will be retiring.  You’ll be hearing a lot of this in  the rollout of the presidential campaign.  Besides, Sen.Lindsey Graham will have exhausted his oxygen on Benghazi.

One problem:  It could be argued that Obamacare had been Kasichcare. Back in 1994, as a congressman and ranking member of the House Budget Committee, he proposed a health care plan that guaranteed coverage for people with pre-existing conditions as well as taxing employers  who offered “Cadillac” insurance policies.

What goes around can very well come around.