From the daily archives: Thursday, November 21, 2013

In 2010, while running for Ohio Treasurer, Josh Mandel told the Dix Newspaper Editorial Board that “cronyism is bad”.

“A hallmark of our campaign,” Mandel proudly proclaimed, “is restoring character and integrity to the treasurer’s office.”

A few months later, after winning the election, Mandel proceeded to hire a bunch of his inexperienced, 20-something friends to run the show at the Ohio Treasurer’s Office.   Some of his friends were so inexperienced that he had to send them to entry-level classes just to be able to do their jobs.

According to representatives of OCSEA, the union that represents […]

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Does it seem to you that Ohio has become the captive poster state for the bizarre right-wing bleatings on Capitol Hill?  You need only to cast a glance at the Republican-controlled Ohio legislature –  the Home on the Range for the provincials – to realize that 13 years later, the new millennium has yet to assert itself south of Route 30.

Need proof?

Let’s begin with the State Board of Education,  Gov. Kasich’s appointments have guaranteed us that  public school students can expect to be in the educational thrall  of a Tea Party board chairman,  and a Christian school’s president who mentions […]

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And the award for worst headline of the day goes to… The Columbus Dispatch for this misleading BS about the state auditor’s report on JobsOhio:

“JobsOhio: Audit finds no conflicts of interest; some safeguards lacking”

Let’s talk about that conflict of interest thing first, since the Dispatch brought it up.

Back in July, the Dayton Daily News revealed that six of nine JobsOhio board members had financial ties to companies receiving money from JobsOhio.

JobsOhio Spokesperson Laura Jones told the paper that “We have a conflict of interest policy that we have in place that we utilize here at JobsOhio.  If […]

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