From the daily archives: Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ohio House Bill 153, one of John Kasich’s partisan budget bills, added new criteria for ranking Ohio’s school districts.  Back in 2011, we posted a series of articles looking at the ranking system as it was initially introduced.  Since then, some minor modifications have been made to the rankings, and the State Board of Education adopted a set of standards to clarify how the new financial ranking components would be implemented.

Once again, Ohio’s urban districts will be penalized by the state’s push to expand charters.

Going into effect in June 2014, districts will now be ranked based […]

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Russell Brand is wrong: Not voting is the real act of complicity and submission
By David DeWitt

Russell Brand, noted dandy and amateur pharmacologist, says you should not vote. Russell Brand, you are wrong.

“Total revolution of consciousness and our entire social, political and economic system is what interests me, but that’s not on the ballot,” he declares in his guest editor column for the latest issue of the British, aggressive-left (and I praise it as such) flagship journal The New Statesman.

Brand couches his non-participation in his disenchantment with politics. Unfortunately, he campaigns for others to join him […]

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When Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern repeated an appearance at an event for  Cuyahoga Falls mayoral candidate Don Walters, he asserted that Gov. John Kasich was running for president.  “Absolutely,” Redfern told me. “100 pct!” That at least suggested that the state party’s front office was keeping an eye on Kasich’s every  hint of national aspirations even as the governor was running for re-election next year.

But what at first seemed to foreordain a cakewalk for the governor the second time around is now running instead into the sort of messy stuff that hardly eases his rite of passage against his […]

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