From the daily archives: Saturday, November 9, 2013

In June, the Cleveland School District entered into a contract with Teach for America, Inc. (TFA, Inc.) to have the entity provide beginning teachers to work in the district.  The contract requires the school district to pay TFA, Inc. up to $9,000 just for the privilege of being able to hire the teacher for two years.  That money is on top of the regular salary and benefits that are fully covered by the school district.

We’ve written a couple of posts about TFA, Inc. going back to March of 2011 when the Ohio General Assembly first passed laws […]

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In what may be a sign that the legislature is gaining a better understanding of the problems with implementing the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), the Ohio Senate introduced a bill this week that reduces the impact of student achievement scores on a teacher’s evaluation while also reducing the amount of time principals would waste continually re-evaluating good teachers.

Senator Randy Gardner, along with co-sponsors including Senator Peggy Lehner, the chair of the Senate Education Committee, introduced Senate Bill 229 this week that contains three significant changes to the evaluation process.

The first important change is a […]

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