From the daily archives: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is a master at getting positive news coverage for doing his job.  Among the best, consistent coverage centers on his efforts to rid the state of illegal slot machines used first in internet cafes, then in veteran and fraternal halls.

Well, looks like Ohio’s top cop is suddenly backing away . What’s changed?

Former Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett, a consultant to the company that makes that machines, has been urging legislators to help his client. Bennett has scheduled a Dec. 16th high-dollar fundraiser for DeWine at his home. A $500 donation will get […]

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Gov. Kasich, who has his mind and career set on being a Republican original, headed into the GOP heartland of Western Ohio again this week to sign a resolution calling for a federal balanced budget. It was in Lima, marking the spot of Kasich’s  “makeshift capital” for his earlier state-of-the-state speech.

He was joined by a platoon of his party’s leaders in the Ohio General Assembly.  According to the event’s chroniclers,  the sub-historic document (unless it was a first for Lima) will be sent to President Obama  and Congress.  In so doing,  he proved me wrong.  I had expected him to do […]

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Stinging wind and cold rain ripped through Dealey Plaza last week in stark contrast to the sun-soaked warmth of that fateful Friday 50 years earlier when the president was murdered on Elm Street.

In third grade I developed a passion for presidential history, memorizing every name, in order, of those often funny-looking men whose pictures stretched across the bottom of the classroom chalkboard.

The picture of John Fitzgerald Kennedy stood out among them in my young mind, not only as the first color photograph in the series but also from the knowledge of his untimely demise and the fact that the incident […]

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