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As has been much discussed, the Ohio House held a hearing last week on HB 351, which does two main things:

bans insurance coverage for hormonal birth control forces women to bear the cost of life-saving abortion care

I’ve already talked about its inherent misunderstanding of how popular methods of birth control work. What needs more attention is the monstrous treatment of women with pregnancy complications.

Contrary to the assertion of the Dispatch, HB 351 isn’t really a bill to “restrict abortion coverage”. Coverage for nontherapeutic abortion (or elective abortion) is already banned on Ohio’s exchange, […]

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The Ohio GOP has introduced a bill that is intended to prevent insurance coverage for IUDs (and also, monstrously, to penalize women with life-threatening pregnancy complications).

The bill’s author, Rep. John Becker, said that the bill would ban coverage for IUDs but not birth control pills. When asked how the pill form is kosher but how progestin from a suppository is the same as abortion, Rep. Becker said:

This is just a personal view. I’m not a medical doctor.

This piece, then, is an honest attempt to get Rep. Becker to change his […]

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The best aspect of Obamacare is that it expands Medicaid into a convenient, comprehensive single-payer insurance system. Obamacare removes the onerous qualification interviews and byzantine enrollment hoops that have traditionally plagued would-be enrollees.

Not in Ohio, though. Here, the enrollment process is being complicated by bureaucratic mismanagement and the governor’s inability to lead his own party.

There are 5 ways to enroll in Medicaid in Ohio (federal website, federal phone, state website, state phone, and county Job and Family Services) and, depending on the route you take, you’ll get 5 completely different instructions. If you’re told by one source to […]

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The Hamilton County Republican Party, backstopped by Secretary of State Jon Husted, continues its single-minded focus on disenfranchising African-American voters

Husted, who drew national attention for his iron-fisted approach toward making it as hard as possible for African-Americans to vote early,  will likely break an upcoming tie vote in the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Husted did the same thing in 2012 to keep the Board of Elections closed, and to prevent vote-by-mail applications from being sent. Foiled by the Voting Rights Act, Husted seems to have concocted a new […]

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Todd Portune, longtime Hamilton County Commissioner, has announced that he’s possibly running for governor. Nobody knows why he’s doing it. Portune is a really, really nice guy. As the first Democrat to sit on the commission since the 60s, he has generally been the most attentive to the needs of regular Cincinnatians, and has participated the most in neighborhood projects. That said, he’s also been really conservative. His transportation policies are very highway-centric and he generally opposes investment into Cincinnati’s cultural icons. Unlike Portune, Ed FitzGerald has no liabilities on the left. He’s good on everything that you’d want him […]

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Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters hates fraudulent voters. Dozens of Cincinnatians have been investigated, 6 have been charged, and one has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. A progressive blogger was investigated during the mayoral election.

The investigations have been disproportionately African-American, and have not included 30 police officers who may have voted in the wrong jurisdiction.

Who else hasn’t been part of the witch hunt? Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, who totally committed voter fraud in the 2012 general election.

Deters was going through a divorce in 2012, and according to the documents filed by his […]

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Media coverage of Obamacare makes me think of the old song It’s in his Kiss:

If you wanna know (shoop shoop) If he’s a concern troll It comes down to this (The Medicaid website)  

For all the complaints about the federal exchange, it’s is infinitely better than Ohio’s Medicaid enrollment website, which still doesn’t work at all for applicants who are eligible for expanded Medicaid coverage in Ohio. If Republicans are to be believed, the glitches at, which prevent people from enrolling in health plans that are worse than Hitler, are worse than Hitler. Or something.


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The lawsuit to block Medicaid expansion is being advanced by a motley crew of state legislators, as well as Cincinnati Right to Life (CRTL). Why would CRTL be opposed to expanding health insurance, which will unarguably save lives?  Even when Ohio Right to Life (ORTL) has endorsed the expansion?

CRTL’s explanation is that Medicaid can be used to get primary care services from people who are also abortion providers. Therefore, Medicaid abets abortion providers and should be opposed.

Take note: in addition to opposing birth control and sex education, the anti-choice movement is also opposed to health insurance. It won’t […]

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