From the daily archives: Thursday, November 14, 2013

In 2011 the Ohio Republican Party controlled redistricting in Ohio.  For months they met in a secret hotel room they called “the bunker”, redrawing district lines to give Republicans an edge in both votes and in fundraising.

Today the Constitutional Modernization Commission held hearings in the committee tasked with redistricting reform.  

Their guest speaker?   Thomas Brunell, the author of a book titled “Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections Are Bad.“

In his testimony, Brunell argued that we should create noncompetitive districts, like those created by the GOP in 2010, because it increases “voter satisfaction” and decreases “voter regret” by  limiting […]

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Jobs Ohio Update: Ohio Supreme Court
by Victoria E. Ullmann

The JobsOhio litigation, which has been going on since 2011, reached an important stage when the Supreme Court allowed oral arguments this week.  The litigation is not yet near completion however since this stage of the case concerns only whether or not the plaintiffs have standing to sue over this issue at all.

One thing that lawyers try to do is to view things from the perspective of the Court to be a better position to convince them to decide favorably.  The Supreme Court’s view of the  argument Wednesday […]

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Last November John Kasich was leading in PPP’s polling against an unknown challenger 44-43.

Polling by PPP released this week shows Kasich tied 41-41 with Democrat Ed FitzGerald.   Libertarian Charlie Earl is currently polling at 6%.

More importantly, Kasich’s approval rating has dropped from 42% in August down to 37% this month with only 55% of Republicans approving of Kasich and 26% disapproving.

The same poll shows Connie Pillich leading Josh Mandel 47-43 in the treasurer’s race.


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