From the daily archives: Monday, November 4, 2013

The lawsuit to block Medicaid expansion is being advanced by a motley crew of state legislators, as well as Cincinnati Right to Life (CRTL). Why would CRTL be opposed to expanding health insurance, which will unarguably save lives?  Even when Ohio Right to Life (ORTL) has endorsed the expansion?

CRTL’s explanation is that Medicaid can be used to get primary care services from people who are also abortion providers. Therefore, Medicaid abets abortion providers and should be opposed.

Take note: in addition to opposing birth control and sex education, the anti-choice movement is also opposed to health insurance. It won’t […]

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Just when we thought the Springboro School Board race couldn’t get any more crazy, the Tea Party jokers come out and prove us wrong.

Today a PAC called Educate Springboro, run by existing school board members Jim Rigano and David Petroni, began placing signs around town supporting two Tea Party-endorsed candidates, David Bitner and Kolton Vaughn.  

Underneath the candidates’ names appears the name of Charles Anderson, another candidate who has been actively running against the Tea Party folks.

Rigano, Petroni and current School Board President Kelly Kohls have actively controlled the board for the past two […]

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