Dennis Spisak , 2010 Green Party candidate for Governor of Ohio, has “unofficially” announced that he will be seeking the Green Party nomination for Governor in 2014.
His running mate will be Suzanne Patzer, an Instructional Design Supervisor for Columbus State and a community advocate.
“We need a Governor and Lt. Governor who will make Ohio greater and greener”, said Spisak.  “Suzanne Patzer and myself are in this race because there are progressive concerns that John Kasich has not addressed nor has offered  any progressive solutions to fix problems facing Ohio today. John Kasich has remained silent.”
Spisak listed the following concerns about Kasich:
  • John Kasich is silent in supporting the Healthcare For All Ohioans Act.
  • John Kasich is silent on advancing blue-green renewable energy and jobs in Ohio.
  • John Kasich is silent on advocating a progressive fair tax system in Ohio.
  • John Kasich is silent on true school finance reform.
  • John Kasich is silent on foreclosure and finance reform.
  • John Kasich is silent on the environment and fracking.

“Ohio needs a Governor to end the silence and speak out and address these issues,” said Spisak. “I am that Governor.”