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Michael Ryan,  a paleontologist at the Cleveland Museum of Natural history, has been deservedly recognized in the media as a scientist who  identified a new species of horned dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago.  Now that he has achieved that goal, we can only guess what he might discover by poking around in the hallowed  ground under the Ohio General Assembly.  The horned dinosaur has been called Mercuriceratops gemini, which is a mouthful, I know,  but as dinosaurs go, it is easier to comprehend than some of the utterings of, say, Rep. John Becker, a right-wing Republican whose ideas […]

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The AP released a huge story on the unfolding DeWine pay to play scandal yesterday, revealing that the Ohio Attorney General’s office has no documented process for selecting law firms for lucrative special counsel contracts for securities fraud cases.

DeWine’s Chief Legal Aide Mary Mertz told the AP that the office had decided to forgo to traditional process of using “judging forms and scoring sheets” in favor of having “top staffers” review the firms and then share their recommendations with DeWine verbally.  As a result, there are almost no public records available showing how the firms were selected.  “A public […]

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Last week we wrote about Kasich’s latest appointee to the Ohio School Board, Cathye Smith Flory, who believes all kids in public schools should be taught about creationism.

Flory joins existing extremist school board member Debe Terhar, who compared Obama to Hitler on her Facebook page, and Mark Smith, the school board member and president of Ohio Christian University who claimed Ohio-born Novelist Toni Morrison had a “socialist-communist agenda.”

Not to be outdone by the new member’s creationist agenda, Smith stepped up his game last week, given an impassioned speech at Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom coalition conference.  

In his […]

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Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland does not believe Ohio’s renewable energy standards are coming back any time soon. In fact, he believes that Senate Bill 310 represents little more than an underhanded effort to kill them altogether.

“My fear is, this is the death of these standards,” he said in an interview earlier this month. “I can’t imagine these folks ever, in two years, deciding to bring them back. It was just an effort to kill it.”

On Friday the 13th of all days, current Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed SB 310 into law, which will put a two-year freeze […]

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The Columbus Dispatch reported today that State Rep. John Becker, arguably the most extreme and misinformed Republican in the entire Ohio General Assembly, has plans to revise his bill to ban insurance coverage for birth control.   The current version of the bill would make it illegal to use IUDs.  When originally asked about the ban, Becker said he believed IUDs caused abortions, a claim that has no basis in reality.  “This is just a personal view,” said Becker.  “I’m not a medical doctor.”  

According today’s Dispatch article, Becker is now planning to remove the IUD ban from his bill because he suddenly realized that IUDs actually […]

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Charter school advocates attending a luncheon at the Ohio Statehouse last Thursday received some unexpected information from some uninvited guests when volunteers from the Ohio Friends of Public Education (OFPE) and Moving Ohio Forward (MOF) arrived to distribute handouts to the group.   One of the attendees and scheduled speakers was millionaire ECOT founder Willliam Lager.

According to MOF, the volunteers “provided luncheon guests with a ‘fact sheet’ that highlights both ECOT’s record of failure in educating Ohio students —and its record of success in obtaining millions of dollars in funding from Ohio taxpayers. The fact sheet also summarizes the campaign contributions ECOT […]

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We have told you before that Gov. Kasich’s mouthpiece, Rob Nichols, has a reputation for NOT telling the truth. The flap of the week is playing out alongside the ongoing trial of Ben Suarez, the North Canton businessman accused of asking politicians for political favors, then illegally laundering campaign contributions to them.

US Rep. Jim Renacci and Treasurer Josh Mandel have been getting the bulk of the bad press but Kasich finds himself in the hot seat over Nichols’ initial denial of involvement, and his claim that the administration made it clear it could not help Suarez.

But the governor’s own legal […]

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A wave of frantic concern surged through the hawkish Neocon community of sunshine soldiers Sunday when Dick Cheney failed to appear on the Fox News Impeach Obama round-the-clock marathon. Did his bionic heart fail him? His daughter Liz quickly stepped up to reassure everyone that the heart was working fine, explaining his absence to the faithful: “On the seventh Day, Daddy rests.”

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Matthew Blair, a Dayton-area teacher who said he personally witnessed grade tampering at a charter school affiliated with the Turkish Gulen movement, is asking for an investigation after he learned that the scandal was apparently covered up by the state agency that is supposed to police charter schools.

In an email sent Monday to members of State Board of Education of Ohio, Mr. Blair said he witnessed exposed wiring, mold in the school building and school administrators tampering with standardized tests.

Rather than look in the matter, Ohio’s top education officials launched a phony investigation, complete with instructions to those […]

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Throughout the time that the various JobsOhio cases have been pending, I have tried to stay focused on the legal issues and avoided making disparaging comments on the various office holders involved in this monstrosity.  I focused on the legal issues, primarily standing.

This month the Ohio Supreme Court once again prevented the case from being determined on the merits.  This time it found that the constitutionality issue could not be brought by a declaratory judgment  under the public rights standing doctrine.  They stated that a declaratory judgment action is not the proper way to bring the case and that […]

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Like Mack the Knife, Dick Cheney is back in town. He and his daughter Liz have announced a new non-profit group called Alliance for a Strong America to shame Barack Obama’s presidency. And if your thing is the Theater of the Absurd then you have to believe that every rich Obama hater in the land with some loose change will drop a few coins in his cup.

And if anything is deserving of a Saturday Night Live schtick, you could spread the rumor that Cheney, so full of sound and fury, is again stirring up media coverage because he’s actually […]

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