The Columbus Dispatch reported today that State Rep. John Becker, arguably the most extreme and misinformed Republican in the entire Ohio General Assembly, has plans to revise his bill to ban insurance coverage for birth control.   The current version of the bill would make it illegal to use IUDs.  When originally asked about the ban, Becker said he believed IUDs caused abortions, a claim that has no basis in reality.  “This is just a personal view,” said Becker.  “I’m not a medical doctor.”  

According today’s Dispatch article, Becker is now planning to remove the IUD ban from his bill because he suddenly realized that IUDs actually “prevent fertilization” instead of causing an abortion.  We like to think our post about where babies come from may have helped a little.

Sadly, Ohio’s Republican Attorney General  still seems to be living under the same misconception.

When AG Mike DeWine heard that the family-owned, arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby was suing the US Government to avoid providing birth control to its female employees, he jumped at the chance to get the State of Ohio involved.   In an amicus brief filed on behalf of the company, DeWine argued that Hobby Lobby should be able to discriminate against its employees because the very-religious company owners, like Becker, falsely believe that birth control somehow causes abortion.

The US Supreme Court will decide the case this week, determining whether a few for-profit companies like Hobby Lobby can claim to be religious beings with the right to discriminate against employees solely on the basis of their claimed religious “beliefs,” or whether science prevails and American women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

Regardless of the outcome, Mike DeWine has already made his anti-woman and anti-science position clear.