Governor John Kasich appointed Republican Cathye Smith Flory from Hocking County to the State School Board yesterday, filling the seat left open when Darryl Mehaffie resigned last week.

Flory previously served 12 years  on the Logan-Hocking Board of Education.

In a 2005 Meet the Candidates Night, Flory was one of two Logan-Hocking school board candidates who wanted Creationism should be taught alongside actual science in public schools.

According to an article on, Flory and another candidate agreed that “children should be taught the various theories and decide for themselves what is right for them.”   

Today, class, we will be watching another episode of Cosmos and discussing the Earth’s place in the Universe.  Tomorrow we will discuss the possibility that the Earth is only 6,000 years old.   And remember, Friday is the last day to bring in your dioramas of humans riding on dinosaurs.


  • Retrofuturistic

    Time for Kasich to be voted out!

  • JoyceG

    It’s like Gonidakis on the medical board. smh

  • Think.

    Is this 2014?

  • MsAmerica

    Real science should be taught in public schools. No wonder U.S. Students lag behind other countries in science and math.

  • anastasjoy

    Someone who doesn’t know the difference between a “theory” and a “religious belief” should not have any role in education.

  • missskeptic

    “children should be taught the various theories and decide for themselves what is right for them.” Really? I thought kids had to be tested and weren’t allowed to think for themselves. Can’t you see it…Jonny: I know what you taught us, Mrs. Smith, but biology isn’t really right for me. I think the Flintstones is much closer to the truth!

  • Carol

    Check out her Facebook page. It’s public.

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