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Gov. Kasich’s mouthpiece, Rob Nichols, says he does not understand why so much attention is being given “to a plan that was not implemented for a policy that was never implemented,” according to the Columbus Dispatch.  The “plan” in question was one to allow drilling in state parks.

Rob, it’s not just the “plan” that matters. It’s the pattern of lying about the plan – and lying about lots of other important things, too.

This is the third time in four months that the usually Kasich-friendly Dispatch has called out Kasich over similar lies.

Here is how it unfolded.


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The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the Heritage Foundation and a bunch of other anti-same sex marriage groups are in DC today for what they are calling the March for Marriage.   According to the website for the event, the “March powerfully proclaims that marriage as the union of one man and one woman is our culture’s best means of linking mothers and fathers to one another and to their children.”

Speakers at the event include Mike Huckabee and, of course, Rick “gay marriage is like man on dog sex” Santorum.    Representatives from NOM and Heritage will also speak.  Both groups have […]

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You remember William Kristol, don’t you? Of course. How could anybody forget his smarmy smile in promoting George Bush’s invasion of Iraq? Just in case you’ve driven him from your memory of that scandalous moment in U.S. history, he’s back – thanks to the magical restorative powers of national TV.

He wants us back on the ground in Iraq! He said on ABC’s This Week that, let me get this straight, Iraq is a “disaster for our country” – leaving no doubt that he was aiming his slingshot directly at President Obama. You can only do that when you […]

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Figuring, as only he can, that the best defense against critics is an awful offense,  Treasurer  Josh Mandel is playing his victimhood card as a fund-raiser.  In his email money requests, Republican Mandel refers to himself as a “principled conservative” with a “target on my back”.  In a stretch for sympathy dollars, Mandel says “outside spending groups are already slinging mud at me.”

Think he’ll have more to say about it when he testifies in the Ben Suarez money laundering trial about why he intervened on Suarez’s behalf by threatening to sue California?  Only on a matter of principle?

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Governor John Kasich appointed Republican Cathye Smith Flory from Hocking County to the State School Board yesterday, filling the seat left open when Darryl Mehaffie resigned last week.

Flory previously served 12 years  on the Logan-Hocking Board of Education.

In a 2005 Meet the Candidates Night, Flory was one of two Logan-Hocking school board candidates who wanted Creationism should be taught alongside actual science in public schools.

According to an article on, Flory and another candidate agreed that “children should be taught the various theories and decide for themselves what is right for them.”   

Today, class, we will be watching […]

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Some good news from the courts.  United States District Court Judge Peter Economus has issued a permanent injunction ordering Ohio to reinstate the three days of early voting preceding the election.

The full opinion is available on the excellent Moritz Election Law Litigation webpage.

Quick refresher: Following the TCF that was the  2004 presidential election, Ohio adopted no-excuse early voting.  Ohio permitted voters to cast early ballots up to the day before an election.  The Republicans in the Legislature noticed that early voting was done primarily in Democratic-leaning areas, and especially in Africa-American areas.  As part of a broader effort […]

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I see that the defense lawyers in the Benjamin Suarez trial  have made a point of tellng the jury that the millionaire Republican businessman has risen mightily from  a lean childhood in an epic  rags-to-riches testament to his  personal work ethic. He was, after all, gathering up trash at a drive-in theater when he was only 8 years old.

I don’t question that  was the case.

Don’t question that at all.     But…so what? The adult was charged. Not the kid.

Then we have the similar pitch as told by  the anti-union  Gov.Kasich in his reelection campaign that he sprang […]

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Cosmopolitan Magazine took a break this week from the typical lists of celebrity stuff, couture, quizzes, sex tips and such to talk about Ohio.

I’ve posted on my blog about Ohio’s abhorrent abortion laws and the push to return to the 19th century in regulating women’s healthcare. Hell, in their wisdom, the GOP-controlled legislature decided they knew more about science and medicine than the AMA. To prove it they ignored accepted biologic definitions by putting a new definition for pregnancy into law.

As of last July, stuck into the state budget with other reprehensible regulations, Ohio declared that pregnancy starts […]

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Back in Dec. 2011, the conservative Columbus Dispatch said of Ohio Lt. Gov/Insurance director that “she makes no secret of her contempt for the federal health care law.” In her own words:

“I will do everything I can to protect Ohio’s citizens and job creators from this catastrophic law.” People born in Johnstown, Pa., (me) attach a somewhat different meaning to catastrophes. The great floods, for example.

So determined was Taylor to block (as did Ohio Att. Gen. Mike DeWine) the law, she returned a cool $1 million federal grant obtained by former Gov. Ted Strickland to set up the […]

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Five Republican Justices on the Ohio Supreme Court just did Governor John Kasich a huge political favor.

The Ohio Supreme Court threw out a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of JobsOhio on a legal technicality.

You can read the whole opinion here:, Inc. v. JobsOhio, Slip Opinion No. 2014-Ohio-2382.

There is little doubt, in our view, that had a court been permitted to review the merits of the claims that JobsOhio violates the Ohio Constitution, the court would have ruled the centerpiece of the Kasich Administration unconstitutional.  We won’t get into why here; just trust us, or read this […]

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On Friday, Republican Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s office announced that her chief of staff and an administrative assistant were resigning after an investigation by Plunderbund revealed Laura Johnson and her assistant Heather Brandt had been billing the state for hours they were not working.   Plunderbund initiated the investigation after receiving a tip that Johnson and Brandt had been working on the Kasich/Taylor reelection campaign while being paid by the state.

Both Johnson and Brandt were paid employees of the Kasich/Taylor campaign in 2010.  Brandt continued to be paid by the campaign for all of 2011, long after the election was over and Kasich and Taylor had taken office.   Monthly payments […]

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