From the daily archives: Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Charter school advocates attending a luncheon at the Ohio Statehouse last Thursday received some unexpected information from some uninvited guests when volunteers from the Ohio Friends of Public Education (OFPE) and Moving Ohio Forward (MOF) arrived to distribute handouts to the group.   One of the attendees and scheduled speakers was millionaire ECOT founder Willliam Lager.

According to MOF, the volunteers “provided luncheon guests with a ‘fact sheet’ that highlights both ECOT’s record of failure in educating Ohio students —and its record of success in obtaining millions of dollars in funding from Ohio taxpayers. The fact sheet also summarizes the campaign contributions ECOT […]

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We have told you before that Gov. Kasich’s mouthpiece, Rob Nichols, has a reputation for NOT telling the truth. The flap of the week is playing out alongside the ongoing trial of Ben Suarez, the North Canton businessman accused of asking politicians for political favors, then illegally laundering campaign contributions to them.

US Rep. Jim Renacci and Treasurer Josh Mandel have been getting the bulk of the bad press but Kasich finds himself in the hot seat over Nichols’ initial denial of involvement, and his claim that the administration made it clear it could not help Suarez.

But the governor’s own legal […]

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A wave of frantic concern surged through the hawkish Neocon community of sunshine soldiers Sunday when Dick Cheney failed to appear on the Fox News Impeach Obama round-the-clock marathon. Did his bionic heart fail him? His daughter Liz quickly stepped up to reassure everyone that the heart was working fine, explaining his absence to the faithful: “On the seventh Day, Daddy rests.”

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