We’re not sure if this is the same graphic being reported, but it must be close.

State Board of Education President Debe Terhar not only implicitly compared President Obama to Adolph Hitler by posting a graphic on her Facebook page, she doesn’t even verify the authenticity of the quote.  A common mistake amongst those who share content on Facebook – or the Internet for that matter.

The quote in question ascribed to Hitler has long been used in gun rights circles to satisfy Godwin’s Law when entering in debate with gun control advocates.  It was repurposed on a graphic that Debe apparently posted and shared with her friends:

Never forget what this tyrant said: ‘To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.’ — Adolf Hitler.

Despite her denials, posting an image after Obama’s speech about the Sandy Hook massacre really can only be construed in one way.  The right was upset that Obama was calling for action on gun control.  The only plausible explanation is Terhar was drawing a comparison between the two men.

This is not the first time that Debe Terhar has tried to rewrite history.

Not only is she now trying to say she didn’t allude to comparisons between Obama and Hitler, she apparently didn’t take time to even make a cursory attempt to see if anything like this was actually said.  It wasn’t.

Let’s remember who we’re talking about here.  STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION PRESIDENT.

The takeaway here is this is the direct result of failed leadership and the appointment of extremists by Governor John Kasich.  It was Kasich who made a play to take control of Ohio’s Board of Education and install Tea Party activist and charter school advocate Debe Terhar.  Debe and Kasich then teamed up to force out State Superintendent of Education Deborah Delisle and install Stan Heffner.

All of this, mind you, was done even AFTER Plunderbund exposed Heffner’s serious conflict of interest issues.  Issues that would later cause their hand picked Superintendent to resign from the post.

You do indeed reap what you sow and John Kasich has sown everything from the questionable, the unqualified, to the outright extremists in his appointments.

His PUCO chief is a climate change denier

He appoints unqualified right-to-life activists to the State Medical Board

His head of corrections worked for a private prison company

Kasich’s Ohio Department of Natural Resources run by former lobbyist and VP for American Electric Power

Kasich’s EPA Chief is a former environmental manager for Perdue mega-farmer in Indiana

You lay down with extremists, you get up with Hitler.

[Update:  Before it’s mentioned by Kasich apologists.  Yes, I realize that Kasich did not technically appoint Terhar.  One could argue, however, given the evidence that she was his choice for the seat and pressure was placed on the board to vote in favor of her.  A more appropriate word might then be “installed”?]