Last week we wrote about Kasich’s latest appointee to the Ohio School Board, Cathye Smith Flory, who believes all kids in public schools should be taught about creationism.

Flory joins existing extremist school board member Debe Terhar, who compared Obama to Hitler on her Facebook page, and Mark Smith, the school board member and president of Ohio Christian University who claimed Ohio-born Novelist Toni Morrison had a “socialist-communist agenda.”

MarkSmith5Not to be outdone by the new member’s creationist agenda, Smith stepped up his game last week, given an impassioned speech at Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom coalition conference.  

In his remarks, Smith promoted “biblical truth” and, in not-so-subtle racist tones, railed against equality:

If you begin to study what you’re being fed by the media and by the president that is in our office today, you would understand that this word equality and liberty are diametrically opposed.”

Smith also attacked educators for not promoting his version of “biblical truth”:

“It’s no secret that our educational system is full of teachers and professors who desire to obfuscate truth, and these individuals are effectively [deconstructing] our nation”

And…. what over-the-top religious rant would be complete without attacking the LGBT community?   Here’s what Smith said on that topic:

I like traditional marriage. I’m for traditional marriage. Let’s embrace traditional marriage.”

Smith went on to urge the audience to get involved with their local and state school boards and departments of education.

You can listen to Smith’s full remarks here (ht Right Wing Watch for the original article and the audio.)