From the daily archives: Friday, June 13, 2014

Governor John Kasich appointed Republican Cathye Smith Flory from Hocking County to the State School Board yesterday, filling the seat left open when Darryl Mehaffie resigned last week.

Flory previously served 12 years  on the Logan-Hocking Board of Education.

In a 2005 Meet the Candidates Night, Flory was one of two Logan-Hocking school board candidates who wanted Creationism should be taught alongside actual science in public schools.

According to an article on, Flory and another candidate agreed that “children should be taught the various theories and decide for themselves what is right for them.”   

Today, class, we will be watching […]

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Some good news from the courts.  United States District Court Judge Peter Economus has issued a permanent injunction ordering Ohio to reinstate the three days of early voting preceding the election.

The full opinion is available on the excellent Moritz Election Law Litigation webpage.

Quick refresher: Following the TCF that was the  2004 presidential election, Ohio adopted no-excuse early voting.  Ohio permitted voters to cast early ballots up to the day before an election.  The Republicans in the Legislature noticed that early voting was done primarily in Democratic-leaning areas, and especially in Africa-American areas.  As part of a broader effort […]

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