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It started simply enough for the times. April of 1970. Ohio State had been a Midwestern hot bed of protest for a few years by then. It was overlooked because of huge protests and clashes at Berkley, Columbia, Harvard and more well-known schools in major media markets. They got the press. OSU was seen nationally as a bucolic football powerhouse, not a nest of commie hippie pinkos.

There had been protests for years at Ohio State. However in 1970, Governor Jim Rhodes was facing term limits and running for Senate. To score political points he ramped up responses to peaceful […]

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Yesterday we wrote that Michelle Rhee’s anti-union, anti-teacher, pro-charter school group StudentsFirst was running ads in the Barnes/Zimon Democratic primary.   A reader just informed us that they are also running ads supporting  Bill Patmon is his primary against former Cleveland City Council member Eugene R. Miller in Ohio House District 10.

Like Barnes, Patmon has supported multiple Kasich-led initiatives, including the Cleveland Plan, which a former union president called ”a state-wide attack on all teacher unions.”



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While surfing on YouTube for Steve Martin ‘s bluegrass banjo duet with the masterly Earl Scruggs, I skidded past Gov. Kasich’s latest TV ad with his just-plain-folks bio, catching no more than a glimpse of our leader’s pro tem unbuttoned style.

The ad ambled into the Martin-Scruggs Foggy Mountain Breakdown, the rousing bluegrass classic that easily qualifies as the Appalachian anthem.

But here was Kasich in his casual New Norm style assuring us in that fleeting moment that he was one of us – after nearly four years in office, folks, in which he preferred to hang out with […]

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These days you don’t have to be a Wall Street oligarch to make owning a home less affordable for everyone, push minorities out of the home mortgage market, and help mega banks at the expense of community banks. You just have to vote for the latest version of housing finance “reform” being pushed in Washington – the Johnson-Crapo “Housing Finance Reform and Taxpayer Protection Act.”

“It’s widely accepted that mortgage rates will rise for borrowers under the Johnson-Crapo measure,” The Washington Post reported on Monday. I doubt that struggling middle-class families will find that idea widely acceptable. I don’t […]

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Michelle Rhee’s anti-union, anti-teacher, pro-charter school group StudentsFirst is sending out mailers supporting John Barnes over Jill Miller Zimon in the Democratic Primary for the Ohio House 12th District.

The mailers praise Barnes for his support of the Cleveland Plan, an initiative pushed by Governor Kasich that instituted SB5-like anti-union provisions while shifting funding away from public schools and into failing charter schools.  The former head of the Cleveland Teachers Union called the plan “a state-wide attack on all teacher unions.”

The mailers also mention the Plain Dealer’s tepid endorsement of Barnes, the only major endorsement Barnes received in the race.

Zimon’s […]

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In the wake of Georgia’s decision to grant its citizens sweeping gun-bearing rights in schools, churches, saloons, Boy Scout meetings and even wedding-night beds,  some people are beginning to wonder why the lawmakers  exempted only the legislature from the potential line of fire.  But one Republican state senator said the reason is obvious.  “Who but the legislature  is qualified to move Georgia  forward to a bright new day if everybody else was shot?” he said.  




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Like everyone else in Ohio, we are happy to hear news about big companies bringing lots of jobs to our state.   And the latest announcement that General Electric plans to open a new Global Operations Center in Cincinnati is no exception.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

I know John Kasich and JobsOhio are feeling proud that they landed this big fish, but given their past record on these types of deals, I’d hold off on popping the Champagne for awhile.

For starters, these are just “job commitments”.  The same type of commitments made by Diebold and […]

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board recently endorsed Robert C. Horrocks Jr., an openly gay Republican who believes in Marriage Equality,  over Richard May, an openly bigoted doofus with no other platform, in the Republican Primary for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District.  The winner will lose in a landslide to incumbent Democrat Marcy Kaptur in November.

While the PD didn’t seem too wildly impressed with either Republican candidate, they were able to immediately disqualify May because of his “apparent bigotry against gay men in the GOP.”  May denied an earlier report in the Toledo Blade claiming he […]

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Leaving nothing to chance, the Ohio Republican Party staged the operatic version of Gov. Kasich’s personally created Valhalla this week that reportedly will raise upward of $800,000 for his reelection campaign. Indeed, the Columbus Dispatch described the mosh pit in Columbus as the ‘biggest fundraiser in Franklin County history.”

In a piece that typically gasped in awe over the guv’s skill in attracting largesse from the corporate world, we were told of guys elbowing around the high-rolling dinner guests with hard hats (translation: Ohio is on a mighty path with “Kasich Works”) and a “mock construction zone on the speaking […]

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On May 6th, Franklin County residents will have a chance to vote on Issue 6, a 1.25-mill replacement levy for the Columbus Zoo.  An out-of-state group funded by the Koch Brothers is trying to convince Columbus-area residents to vote No.

Americans for Prosperity, the Virginia-based group founded, funded and chaired by the infamous Koch Brothers, has been sending emails and mailers to county residents urging them to vote against the levy, which would cost home owners about $23 a year more per $100,000 of home value.

According to NBC4, the levy could help fund a satellite zoo could in Downtown Columbus as […]

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The Rev. Pat Robertson has issued another apocalyptic warning:  The world will end, possibly as early as Thursday.  His knowledge of Biblical prophecy tells him so. A massive meteor, bigger than Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and the Great Pumpkin combined, will slam into the planet , the preacher says, wiping out everything.  That won’t give us much time to get all of the screens up, but it wouldn’t help  anyway.

It would be the worst global catastrophe in 66 million years. Experts  dubbed the last one the “Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction” – a brain-twister that you don’t have to remember because of […]

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