While surfing on YouTube for Steve Martin ‘s bluegrass banjo duet with the masterly Earl Scruggs, I skidded past Gov. Kasich’s latest TV ad with his just-plain-folks bio, catching no more than a glimpse of our leader’s pro tem unbuttoned style.

The ad ambled into the Martin-Scruggs Foggy Mountain Breakdown, the rousing bluegrass classic that easily qualifies as the Appalachian anthem.

Kasich_LiftBut here was Kasich in his casual New Norm style assuring us in that fleeting moment that he was one of us – after nearly four years in office, folks, in which he preferred to hang out with plutocrats (think Sheldon Adelson), lobbyists and friendly editors.

Forget that. He reminded us in blue collar terms that his father was a postman who told him to “stand on my own two feet” and his mother was “outspoken”. So?

It should be obvious that the governor’s handlers have noticed that their client is rough around the edges, temperamental and quick to lash out at whatever clashes with his own set ways. He needed some soft touches from Hollywood casting, right?

Politics can remove the warts and reshape the negatives. More so in Kasich’s case as he redistributes the gold mine from his backers to the TV ads that precede a finger-picking duo on YouTube, insisting that he’s just like the NRA guy next door.

We’re eager to see what they do with, say, You Are My Sunshine.

  • stryx

    I saw that ad way more times than I wanted to this past weekend while visiting family.

    My bet is that the Kasich folks had that ad made to pitch John to a national audience of investors who may only vaguely remember John as a jittery loudmouth on FOX, but once someone (Adelson?) gave the thumbs down then….

    So why not use it? It’s not like he’s got anything good to sell.

  • Think.

    The governor doesn’t need any suggestions about campaigning with “You Are My Sunshine.” In a speech last week, the blowhard said:
    “The sun’s coming up. Can you see it? The sun’s coming up in our state. Oh, it was low. You couldn’t see it at times. But now it’s rising. And as it rises, and as it grows brighter, people around our country, they notice that sun. They notice those rays. They notice that warmth. It’s allowing others to think about how they could be like Ohio.”

  • dmoore2222

    Yeah. Sure it is. It’s really shining brightly over all the hollowed out small towns and cities in this state that haven’t sexperienced the Kasich “economic miracle.” Why any state would want to be like Ohio is beyond me.

  • dmoore2222

    Isn’t this the same guy who told Ohioans they were paying twice for health care, once for themselves and again for public workers? You know, those common every day people who he now wants to identify with but back then thought weren’t deserving. What a fraud this chump is.

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