From the daily archives: Saturday, April 19, 2014

John Kasich released his first 2014 campaign commercial on Tuesday called “Deliver”.  The 60-second ad has been running on TV across Ohio over the past week and can be found on Youtube (see below).  I’ve watched it numerous times over the past few days and it has me completely stumped.

John Kasich is the sitting Governor and should be making a case for why Ohioans should be re-electing him, right? Given that starting position, shouldn’t he start by beginning to share all of the positive things he’s done for the state during his first term?  Think about it this way […]

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One of the cautionary notes as the Kasich/Taylor campaign burst crazily into spring is that it’s folly for the governor’s opponents to make things up to discredit him. The Kasich team has already demonstrated beyond doubt that one of its perfected specialties is selling him to the voters with little regard for reality even if you allow for the routine embellishments of political engagement.

Just arrived, for example, is a paean from Ohio Republican Headquarters with a toast to the daring wisdom of Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who also heads the state insurance department, in her most recent assault on […]

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