The Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board recently endorsed Robert C. Horrocks Jr., an openly gay Republican who believes in Marriage Equality,  over Richard May, an openly bigoted doofus with no other platform, in the Republican Primary for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District.  The winner will lose in a landslide to incumbent Democrat Marcy Kaptur in November.

While the PD didn’t seem too wildly impressed with either Republican candidate, they were able to immediately disqualify May because of his “apparent bigotry against gay men in the GOP.”  May denied an earlier report in the Toledo Blade claiming he had only joined the race “to keep an openly gay man off the GOP ticket,”but  he didn’t didn’t try to hide the fact that “he thinks a gay man can’t represent the ‘party of traditional values.'”

May might have toned down his homophobic rhetoric for the editorial interview with the PD, but his personal Facebook page is still a flurry of anti-gay and racist commentary.   Whether he’s discussing why “Ken Lanci is the last legitimate white candidate for mayor” of Cleveland or railing against public libraries carrying “homosexual newspapers” because, you know, some unsupervised, unsuspecting child might accidentally see an advertisement for RuPaul’s Drag Race, May is not shy about sharing his views for the whole world to see.  (Pictures at the end)

The Plain Dealer clearly made the right choice here both in disqualifying May and for writing about May’s stance on “traditional values” for what is really is: zealous homophobia.  But that hasn’t stopped local Republicans and statewide activists from throwing their support behind May.    May has received the endorsement of both the Lucas and Cuyahoga County Republican Parties,  Tom Zawistowski’s We The People Convention PAC and, of course, former porn addict Phil Burress and his anti-gay hate group Citizens for Community Values .

Here are some of May’s notes and posts from his Facebook page