On May 6th, Franklin County residents will have a chance to vote on Issue 6, a 1.25-mill replacement levy for the Columbus Zoo.  An out-of-state group funded by the Koch Brothers is trying to convince Columbus-area residents to vote No.

Americans for Prosperity, the Virginia-based group founded, funded and chaired by the infamous Koch Brothers, has been sending emails and mailers to county residents urging them to vote against the levy, which would cost home owners about $23 a year more per $100,000 of home value.

According to NBC4, the levy could help fund a satellite zoo could in Downtown Columbus as well as a new animal hospital and TRAM system.

Images of the mailers are included below.







  • jr6020

    Why the hell would the Koch Bros care one bit about a non-political issue like the zoo levy? Someone please explain. My concerns with the issue are legit and include Delaware County citizens (the zoo location) not paying a cent towards the zoo operations, The doubling of the property tax portion that supports the zoo (if passed), and the slick sales pitches Hanna uses in those ads- he reminds me too much of a smiling, “I’m about to pull the wool over your eyes” E Gordon Gee…The zoo has plenty of money and (like Gee) Hanna is a proficient fund raiser with private sources…Me thinks the citizens have real and legit doubts (apart from the Koch Bros) about the need for additional zoo funds just like they did when they ignored those glossy TV ads with Coleman pitching that last CPS levy…James, Columbus

  • anastasjoy

    How did they come up with 105%? Even here in Cleveland Heights, where Kasich’s policies have raised my property taxes by $500 in the last three years, it’s not even close to 105%.

  • Betty Eyer

    Think if they spent that lobby money as a donation on the Columbus zoo, instead.

  • FairBudgets

    The levy will go from .75 mil to 1.25 mil. However, the state currently pays 12.5% of the .75 mil levy for homeowners. They will not pay anything on the 1.25 mil (Kasich snuck this repeal of the property tax reimbursement into the budget WITHOUT ANY HEARINGS in the 11th hour of the budget debate last June.) People keep saying that it will fund the ‘downtown zoo’ which is not true. Most of the revenue will go toward the main zoo for regular maintenance and upgrades. Some of the money will go toward a new exhibit downtown. As a resident of the West Side, I would rather see a zoo, than more high end shopping down there! Public amenities that benefit families are better than rich people shopping.

  • Otterbien62

    These people are just plain mean spirited.

  • Red Rover

    Koch-head math..

  • Michael Smith

    It’s a 105% increase in the effective property tax rate for the zoo.

    The current zoo levy is 0.75 mils, but because of rollbacks via HB920, the effective tax rate is currently about 0.61 mils. That levy will be replaced by the 1.25 mil levy. The result would be 1.25/0.61 = 2.05, or a 105% increase.

    So if they stated this was a 105% increase in the zoo levy, they’d be honest. But they are CLEARLY trying to get people to believe this will be a 105% increase in their property taxes, which is an outright lie. It’s a 105% increase on a very small portion of their property taxes.

  • artem1s

    it’s about the tram money probably. they’ve been targeting other public transport and clean energy initiatives in other states. well, and they are just mean.

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