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Well, the reviews are in for Gov.Kasich’s headliner role in a reprisal of the movie Honeymoon in Vegas. Not good!

Headliner?   Kneeliner  is a better fit for his groveling performance to impress  Sheldon Adelson, the Midas-like figure whose riches are based on casinos. Adelson spends hundreds of millions promoting politicians who would be expected to protect his gambling empire.  Of late he’s in a huge campaign to block on-line gambling that he fears would nibble at his casinos.

Allow me to quote New York Times columnist David Firestone, who wrote:

“It’s hard to imagine a political spectacle more loathesome than […]

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When 2011 began, I was “just a teacher.”  I was new to Facebook, did not have a Twitter account, and had virtually no interest in the political scene.  That changed swiftly with the introduction of Senate Bill 5 and I can now scarcely remember what my life was like before then.  While today marks the 3rd year anniversary of the signing of that harmful, divisive law, the truth is that Senate Bill 5 has changed my life dramatically in ways that I would never have imagined and that I never want to forget.

“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their […]

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Josh Mandel is the son of a rich corporate lawyer.  He grew up in a rich, Northeast Ohio neighborhood.  And he married into one of the richest families in Ohio.

But Josh Mandel really wants you to think he’s just a regular, working-class guy.

During his 2012 campaign for Senate, Mandel tried to earn his blue-collar credentials by appearing with also-rich-guy Mitt Romney at a rally in Beallsville, Ohio.   The backdrop seemed perfect: a bunch of hard working men in hard hats, and Mandel talking about the importance of coal and coal-related jobs.

But then Mandel, in his freshly-pressed, nicely-tailored […]

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SB 5’s Historic Defeat Marked; Will Ohio Voters Remember In November?
by John McNay

Three years ago, on March 31, 2011, the Republican-dominated Ohio legislature passed Senate Bill 5 in the face of overwhelming public protests. That evening Gov. John Kasich had a celebratory signing ceremony covered by statewide television. Senate Bill 5, derived mainly from the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council, was designed to crush public unions across the state.

Championed by Gov. Kasich, SB 5 was the centerpiece of his legislative agenda­, and was defended as necessary to close a $6 billion budget gap. Proponents inaccurately blamed […]

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Ohio Republicans have introduced a dangerous new plan to freeze Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency portfolio standards indefinitely.

GOP leadership is reportedly driving this proposal, with Senate President Keith Faber (R-Celina) leading the effort and Senator Troy Balderson (R-Zainesville) introducing the legislation, SB 310, Friday morning. SB 310 calls for an immediate freeze on efficiency and renewable energy standards at their current 2014 levels and for the creation of an “Energy Mandates Study Committee” to review existing law.

As a refresher, Governor Strickland signed Substitute Senate Bill 221 (SB 221) into law on May 1, […]

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The following is an open letter, from an Ohio teacher, to members of Ohio’s House Education Committee regarding the hijacking of SB 229.


Dear Representative,

It was with great concern that I learned of the Ohio House’s decision to make significant, drastic, and educationally unsound changes to SB 229. As an educator I have grave concerns regarding the policies regarding public education that are developed in Columbus.

The evaluative protocol being imposed on local schools from outside the district is an illustration of both the lack of familiarity with a student’s development through their relationship with their teachers as well […]

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Kasich Plays Wheel Of Fortune

On March 30, 2014 By

Should we be surprised that Gov.Kasich  earned the coveted Sheldon Adelson White Guy  Mr.Congeniality Award at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s spring conference in Las Vegas?  That became a slam-dunk as the governor daringly referred several times to the mega-casino owner – for God’s sake one of the  richest men in the world – on a chummy first-name basis. Unless you are a car salesman, you don’t get much friendlier than that.

Nosy reporters, of course,  wanted to know whether the governor was running for president by trying to suck up as much cash as he could in Las Vegas from Adelson’s […]

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The Ohio Senate voted unanimously on Senate Bill 420 this past Tuesday to change the name of Lake Erie to Lake Ohio. Senator Shannon Jones (R) and Senator Joe Schiavoni (D) co-sponsored the bill in a most unusual spirit of bipartisanship in The Ohio General Assembly. Senator Jones stated on Friday morning, “I think most Ohioans are behind this name change and quite frankly, we own most of the lake anyways. This has been a long time coming.”

Lake Erie is the eleventh largest lake in the world (by surface area), and the fourth largest of the Great Lakes in surface area though the smallest by […]

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On Friday, I spent part of the day asking several friends whether they knew where our  Governor John Kasich was spending the weekend.

Two were confident that he would show up with his compatriots on Fox News.

One said he would be sharing a Lenten dinner at a church in Steubenville.

One said he thought the governor would surely be in  a hideaway in the attic of the governor’s mansion with his cronies in JobsOhio to work out the best possible  face in the state’s employment picture.

Another said he would be in Lima for no good reason.

Several said […]

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Yesterday, Governor Kasich signed a bill restoring four “calamity days” to schools while surrounded by school kids. Kasich made a very big deal to point out to the kids that, thanks to him, they wouldn’t have to do extra homework or miss out on vacations. But, in actual fact, that is not at all the case.

While the headlines claim the bill gives districts “four more” calamity days (the law already excuses up to five snow days per year), there’s a catch:

to use the extra calamity days, schools must first make up four other snow days, such as by […]

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The comfort zones of Fox News host Neil Cavuto and John Kasich overlapped this week with one more installment of the network’s ongoing effort  to launch the Ohio governor as its presidential candidate of choice.

Although Kasich has coyly dismissed talk  of a national candidacy at the top of the Republican ticket, it has not discouraged Cavuto and other foxy talking heads from celebrating  the network’s former news host as the GOP’s compelling go-to guy in the already heaviliy forested field of presidential candidates.  Besides, the governor is is hardly a Gen. Sherman when it comes to presidential ambition.

Fox has […]

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