On Friday, I spent part of the day asking several friends whether they knew where our  Governor John Kasich was spending the weekend.

Two were confident that he would show up with his compatriots on Fox News.

One said he would be sharing a Lenten dinner at a church in Steubenville.

One said he thought the governor would surely be in  a hideaway in the attic of the governor’s mansion with his cronies in JobsOhio to work out the best possible  face in the state’s employment picture.

Another said he would be in Lima for no good reason.

AdelsonSeveral said they  they didn’t know and couldn’t care less during the basketball playoffs..

Well, folks, if it is of any use,  the governor will be in Nevada with a bunch of other Republican mendicants  hoping  to impress one of the world’s richest men, casino magnate Sheldon  Adelson (shown here) , a billionaire who doubles as the supreme talent scout to enrich his gambling empire.  (According to Forbes, he is one of the 10 wealthiest men in the world, and not a single  Republican presidential candidate would dare demand  to see Adelson’s birth certificate  to find out whether he is actually a foreign power.)

Adelson popped into the news during the last presidential campaign by spending $100 million to defeat Barack Obama.  It didn’t work, but he’ll never miss the money. His favorite candidate was Newt Gingrich, whom we all remember as the perennial  pathetic loser who promised to put a permanent base on the moon during his first term. He also told us he would fire all school janitors to save money.

The Las Vegas shindig  is sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition, a conservative lobbying group, which tells you the parameters of the invitees  this weekend:  Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Chris Christie, Kasich’s pal who  was expected to arrive in the wake of the resignation  of David Samson,  the Port Authority chairman  and figure in  Bridgegate.

There have been several epithets assigned to the Adelson runway fashion show, including the ”Sheldon Primary’ and the “Adelson Wheel of Fortune”.

Sorry, Steubenville