Should we be surprised that Gov.Kasich  earned the coveted Sheldon Adelson White Guy  Mr.Congeniality Award at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s spring conference in Las Vegas?  That became a slam-dunk as the governor daringly referred several times to the mega-casino owner – for God’s sake one of the  richest men in the world – on a chummy first-name basis. Unless you are a car salesman, you don’t get much friendlier than that.

Nosy reporters, of course,  wanted to know whether the governor was running for president by trying to suck up as much cash as he could in Las Vegas from Adelson’s Wheel  of Fortune. Kasich, always as coy as a squirrel  darting to the new batch of sunflower seeds in he driveway, denied any interest in the presidency.

Rather,   he wanted to assure his host and most conservative  audience  that he shared their commitment to a better, lower taxed, world..

How? Saw this quote in the Plain Dealer:

“All the things we believe in?  They work.”

Not Bartlett quality.  Not even up to the standards of George W. Bush’s compassionate conservatism.  But to his appreciative host that Forbes reports makes $32 milion a day, it wasn’t that hard to crack the code. What’s more, Vegas is a long way from Steubenville.

About the governor’s avowed disinterest in higher office:  The Washington Post has claimed the field of assigning Pinocchios to political utterances that fare badly  against fact.

Rather than piggyback the Post’s colorful version of lies, I will  create my own tag and assign several Cyranos to Ohio’s non-presidential candidate candidate. Clip and save.