From the daily archives: Thursday, March 20, 2014

Democratic strategists are said to be jubilant over  Republican guru Karl Rove’s unflinching prediction that the GOP will capture the Senate in November.  Although that would seem to be a disconnect with the Democrats’ goals, one party insider explained the odd reaction by explaining that Rove is the same sage who predicted  a big victory for Mitt Romney as well as sharing other alleged political insights that crashed.  “It’s quite simple,” he said.  “If Rove is going around telling people that the Republicans will win the Senate, history tells us that the opposite will happen. We win!”

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Is your gas bill too high? Gov. Kasich thinks it should be even higher.

Buried in his latest budget bill is a plan to saddle homeowners and businesses with clean-up costs utilities could face for abandoned manufactured-gas plants, according to an editorial in The Plain Dealer of Cleveland.

Some background from the PD:

“Before natural gas became widely distributed, utilities manufactured gas. They heated coal or coke, then sold the resulting gas, initially to provide lighting….

“In a 3-2 decision last fall, now under appeal to the state Supreme Court, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio agreed […]

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