From the daily archives: Friday, March 28, 2014

On Friday, I spent part of the day asking several friends whether they knew where our  Governor John Kasich was spending the weekend.

Two were confident that he would show up with his compatriots on Fox News.

One said he would be sharing a Lenten dinner at a church in Steubenville.

One said he thought the governor would surely be in  a hideaway in the attic of the governor’s mansion with his cronies in JobsOhio to work out the best possible  face in the state’s employment picture.

Another said he would be in Lima for no good reason.

Several said […]

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Yesterday, Governor Kasich signed a bill restoring four “calamity days” to schools while surrounded by school kids. Kasich made a very big deal to point out to the kids that, thanks to him, they wouldn’t have to do extra homework or miss out on vacations. But, in actual fact, that is not at all the case.

While the headlines claim the bill gives districts “four more” calamity days (the law already excuses up to five snow days per year), there’s a catch:

to use the extra calamity days, schools must first make up four other snow days, such as by […]

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