From the daily archives: Sunday, March 2, 2014

This last week, Ohio saw the Religious Right get handed a major defeat on it’s “Religious Freedom” bill in Ohio as the prime sponsors of HB376, Cleveland Democratic State Rep. Bill Patmon and Oxford Republican Tim Derickson withdrew their bill. Until this week, the two and their 44 co-sponsors were on a fast track to winning an incredible anti-LGBT battle but something happened along the way.

Their first major speed bump on their journey to gay discrimination was the national attention Arizona had gained for its SB1062 (which mirrored the Ohio bill). So intense was the scrutiny of that legislative […]

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If you have been trying to follow the tinkering and tampering of voting rights by the Republican hoofbeaters  in Columbus these many months,  you might  have found yourself stumbling  along  a pothole-filled road in the dead of night.  Despite haloed denials by guys like Secretary of State Jon Husted that he has pointedly cooked the voting laws to shrink the turnout of  certain voters (read: minority voters) there is no evidence that supports his latest boast that he had done his “utmost to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat”.  By the way, that silly notion appeared on one […]

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