From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Senate Bill 229, the bill designed to provide reasonable changes to the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), passed unanimously through the Ohio Senate back in December.  Today, a substitute version of the bill was introduced in the House Education Committee that completely overhauled the existing version of the legislation.  The version of SB 229 that we have been reporting on is no longer recognizable in the new House version.

The full text of the new SB229 isn’t available in its entirety, but we have obtained a document from the Legislative Service Commission that details the many modifications introduced […]

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Now that first-tier dead-ender  Donald Rumsfeld   has expressed his preference for a “trained ape” over President Obama on foreign policy (read: everything with Obama’s name on it), there’s word that Republican planners  with wide experience as GOP congressional zookeepers have moved into Dick Cheney’s old underground  cave in Pennsylvania to train an ape to give the keynote speech at the next  presidential  convention.  As one trainer put it: “After much discussion on how to electrify the crowd with a Palin-type Mama Grizzly, we decided to go with upgrading someone from  the army of trained apes that we do […]

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