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The Brenner Brief is a blog run by Sara Marie Brenner, a former Powell city councilwoman and wife of Ohio State Rep Andrew Brenner.    Mr. Brenner is a regular contributor to the blog, having recently written a piece that received nationwide attention, claiming that “Public education in America is socialism” and the only solution is to “privatize everything” just like the Soviet Union did 25 years ago.

Yesterday, the blog published an article titled: “Was Sandy Hook a hoax designed to advance gun control laws?”

The piece was written by Fred DeRuvo, who is listed as an assistant editor of the site.  DeRuvo also runs a right-wing ministry where he claims […]

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Tesla Motors is a California maker of high-end electric vehicles that operates two retail showrooms in Ohio. That may soon change if the powerful auto dealer lobby gets its way. Three states – Arizona, Texas and New Jersey – already prohibit Tesla dealerships from operating. All three boast Republican Governors. Just this week, Chris Christie played an active role in shutting down Tesla in New Jersey, at the urging of the state’s entrenched auto dealer lobby.

Ohio may be the next state to say no to Tesla’s retail outlets, but the proposal must first gain the approval […]

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With less than a month to go for Ohio’s uninsured to get signed up on the health insurance exchange, I’m poking my head out of the trenches to report back on my experience signing people up, and to let PB readers in Cincinnati and Canton know how they can enroll before the deadline.

I’ve been with Working America since enrollment began. We’re Champions of Coverage, meaning that our role is to identify uninsured Ohioans and make sure they have the information that they need in order to get signed up.

Primarily, we’re setting up enrollment fairs, where people can get […]

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Are you among the many who believe that Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine is operating a religious colony out of his office for his mano a mano assault on pagans living outside of his theocratic sphere?

We’re referring, of course, to his vengeful homophobic hostility to his version of culture warriors, wedded same-sex spouses that he sees snuggling up in every other bed in America.

You want to give him the benefit of the doubt as the good guy attacking drugs, crime and even Asian carp until you realize that he’s the same guy who has filed an amicus brief […]

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Why Ohio Is Important

On March 14, 2014 By

I know from my adventures on Twitter that posting a lot of Ohio political content is seen by some as simple regional vanity. People in the Twitterverse occasionally berate me for posting so much about Ohio politics. My Twitter content is all over the map but tends towards national politics, Ohio politics, Doctor Who and pictures of cats doing funny stuff. It is the Internet, after all.

Why should we care what is going on in Ohio, I’m asked. It’s not Texas or New Jersey or any other politically powerful state that leads political positions, policy and thought.

OK. A […]

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