The comfort zones of Fox News host Neil Cavuto and John Kasich overlapped this week with one more installment of the network’s ongoing effort  to launch the Ohio governor as its presidential candidate of choice.

Although Kasich has coyly dismissed talk  of a national candidacy at the top of the Republican ticket, it has not discouraged Cavuto and other foxy talking heads from celebrating  the network’s former news host as the GOP’s compelling go-to guy in the already heaviliy forested field of presidential candidates.  Besides, the governor is is hardly a Gen. Sherman when it comes to presidential ambition.

Fox has raised money for Kasich, the network’s poster boy who is quite familiar  with Fox’s right-wing fictions.  He even rose to the sacred ground of Bill O’Reilly by once hosting his program.

MediaMatters kept an eye of Kasich as he claimed Fox turf as one of his campaign venues, noting: “Kasich is the quintessential Fox News candidate,  having used  his perch on the network to profitably  stay in the public eye between runs for public office.   He joined  Fox in 2001 serving  nine terms  in Congress and left in 2009 to run for governor.”

As we all know, he’s seeking reelection against Democrat Ed FitzGerald, the Cuyahoga county executive, who has been traveling the state to build up name recognition  while raising a host of issues  about the Kasich administration.

Did I begin this by mentioning comfort zones?  At the end of the Cavuto interview,   one of many we can anticipate before November, Kasich praised Cavuto, telling his host: “You’re the best..”

Game on.

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