Now that Sen. John Cornyn has described the Iranian nuclear deal as President Obama’s slickly conceived cover for Obamacare’s start-up web page problems, it sets the stage for a new round of options that expose what the Texas Republican calls a crafty “distraction”.

Health care reform equals potential nuclear annihilation for political style points? You can understand how members of the GOP counter-culture on Capitol Hill will leap to other options to vent their frustration in their 8-year plan to destroy Obama long after he returns to private life. I think these White Guys do not sleep well in their rooms or in the better saloons in D.C. knowing there’s a Black Guy in the White House who isn’t the janitor.

Next up, who could blame them if they accuse Obama of working behind the scenes to channel drugs to Toronto mayor Rob Ford to distract his health-care critics with a crazed Canadian who barrels down spirits and women? (Read: foreigner)

Now we’re rollin’, folks. The Democrats’ nuclear option to liberalize filibuster rules has already drawn the kind of vengeful roars from the Hard Right that you might have expected at the Roman Coliseum when lions were chewing on human beings.

Today, by Cornyn’s loopy reasoning, the filibuster act – now declared by opponents as Obama’s heinous move to destroy the Senate – is really just another distraction. And, if we didn’t already guess, it was Obama and not God who rushed a huge winter storm across many states to isolate thousands of holiday travelers from thinking about the far more perilous health care reform. In this case they cued it up with the Rev. Pat Robertson’s inclination to cite such nasty events as God’s punishment for a homosexual society. On this point, Obama-haters are into some pretty heavy stuff.

There is still much more in the Republican distraction playbook to expose Obamacare to public ridicule. Still to be introduced by the Cornyn brigade are everything from feel-good lower gas prices to a record stock market to Friendly’s Happy Ending Sundaes – all created by a scheming president. We don’t even want to think about how the Capitol Hill mob will try to factor in Santa Claus as one of the president’s seasonal chess pieces.